What about a Public Pro plan for Glide Pages

Hey Glide Team

Is there a Pro plan in the roadmap of Pages? It would be amazing to be able to offer open to the world web apps.


I meant a Pro Public Page. Now there’s only available the Private option which number of users is limited.

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Well, you can have as many users as you wish you just have to pay for them :+1:

But unlimited visitors.

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Just wondering why is the Public Pro available for apps but not for pages.

You can have a pro ‘public’ page - is that what you mean?

An example.

Yep. Is that a Pro Page?

I see there’s a signup. As I understand in the Glide pricing you must pay for Pro plan to have that option and pay 2$ for any user above 20 initial package… Am I wrong?

I don’t own that page but I assume it is pro due to the number of rows of data (over 100) and sign in ability.

You are right, 20 users included then pay for more.