Public - with email

Why is the public - with email sign-in not available in the free tier for Glide Pages?

It’s part of the free element of apps, and it would be good to be able build the pages in the same manner.

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I would say mainly because of how Glide views the product at the start and built out the pricing plan. They’re working on adjusting the pricing plan though, so stay tuned.

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The strange thing is, public - with email sign-in was working for me until just a couple of days ago, as though it’s only just changed…

It’s really quite frustrating.


Does anyone have any insights as to why I was able to use this feature up until about a week ago. It was only then I started to get the error: “The email address doesn’t have access to this app. Please try another.”

Check your app’s privacy settings. Sometimes Glide will make a change on their end and the privacy settings will reset for some reason.

It did seem to reset a week ago when I noticed users could no longer login.

The first time after I noticed that I checked the privacy settings and they were momentarily as they were supposed to be (for a second or two), before snapping to the current settings with the old ones greyed out and placed behind a pay wall.

Looks like they’re updating the pricing for the worst. Noticing the doubling-down on the graphics in the privacy settings.

$40 + $2 per user just for public sign-in like the apps doesn’t seem justified to me.

Really disappointed.

Honestly, I have always been under the impression that there was not a Public with Email option for Pages, that worked the same as what’s available for Apps. Pricing and plan options for Pages has no direct correlation with pricing and plans for Apps.

With pages, if there is no sign, then you can have unlimited users. If users can or need to sign in to a page, then it falls under per user pricing or remains free to team members of the app.

I haven’t known it to be any different since pages were introduced. As far as I know, nothing has changed with the plans or pricing of glide pages since introduction. The fact that it may have worked for you may have been a bug or some kind of glitch.

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Wow yep, must have been a severe glitch in that case, I was building one for weeks with about 10 public sign-ins up to that point, then all of a sudden it changed and the page became useless to me.

For what it’s worth, I think the price plans should correlate in this manner, they work in very similar ways so I don’t see a good reason for it to be restricted.

Generally speaking my thoughts on freemium pricing models are that the free versions shouldn’t restrict innovation. A good freemium design should allow access to all of its offerings to encourage enterprise using the companies products. And look I get it, it isn’t easy to design pricing structures like these, but in my opinion it’s better for a business to identify the points in which adequate innovation potential can be sought so that enterprise can be exercised, and then tier the pricing according to when that potential can be realised through entrepreneurship.

In this particular case, reversing the public with email as a free feature has eliminated Pages unrealised potential for me - and i’ve stopped using it because I am unable get the product to where it is needed to justify the enterprising risk-taking involved.

I’m not sure if i’m being clear or not, but if the vision is to create a billion developers, I fail to see how this isn’t a step backwards.

We’re working on unifying the pricing. This has always been the approach for Pages, it did not change.

The reason we tried this restricted approach is that people use our public app pricing (Public Pro) for private business apps all of the time (e.g. using conditions to hide tabs). Most of our business is in private apps for businesses, not in public apps, so we experimented with this approach for Pages. We agree it’s confusing!

Hi @david, it changed for me as described above, so we’ll put it down to a bug and that Pages was never supposed to be the solution for my ideas!

Though will keep my eyes peeled for the unification :muscle:

We did update the design, but Pages was always $40 + $2/user, whether public or private, since release.

Great stuff, just wish I had experienced that too before it flipping on me. Perhaps there’s another explanation as to how the public was in fact able to sign in to my free Page.

Though i’m not too bothered about that now. I’m more interested on if it will change. Looking forward to seeing the new pricing structures. I hope it encourages innovation!