Pages packages don't mirror App packages

Is the information below the current pricing? Or still some sort of “previous user grandfathered pricing?” If it is current, I’m very disappointed. I was excited to learn to use Glide Pages but now realize that I will never be able to because there is not a pricing option that fits my needs.

Yes, that is the current pricing.

What are your needs?

@david, recently watched your interview with @grumo last year and really enjoyed it.

The short answer is–I need a Pages package comparable to the App Pro package. That is a price point I can afford with the features I want.

The longer answer–I wanted to build a sort of administrative portal as a companion to my current Pro App. When I saw that scenario in the Glide’s Pages intro promo video, I immediately recognized it as a solution to something I was trying to accomplish. I realize that the App can be accessed in desktop but the Pages user interface seems less cumbersome with better features for data entry forms.

I totally get the issue of people using conditions to work around it so I was prepared to pay for both the App and Page. I plan to have many more users than 20 in the Glide Page and do not intend to charge users for it–therefore, I will never be able to afford the Glide Pages “Pro” package. I also found it confusing to offer a Glide Pages package named the same as one App package yet its features and price are the same as a different App package.

For now, I will simply expand my App to allow users to edit and encourage my audience to access the date entry/edit forms on desktop rather than mobile.

Thanks for listening!

Who would be the users of the Page you planned to build? Employees of a company? General public? And how many users do you expect would access the admin page?

I’m not sure how you would use a Public Pro app as an admin app, if anyone can sign into it.

A little background…my 33-year career has been exclusively working in the non-profit arena and Glide is going to allow a long list of wonderful, affordable tools needed in the non-profit sector–especially small, volunteer-run organizations. Already building and presenting prototypes to my client base and they are excited!

To that end, my first App (for myself, not a client) is a detailed listing of festivals and events, mostly produced by city/county governments and nonprofits. Users are the general public using the App on mobile devices. I realize that the idea is nothing new–one can get a list of local events anywhere online or published. It is my format and presentation using Glide that is unique.

Wanted the Pages companion portal for those event producers to list and update their events. Those users might be:

  • an employee or volunteer at a nonprofit listing their once-a-year festival
  • an employee in a city or county government listing their multiple events throughout the year from the county fair to the 4th of July music festival to the Christmas Parade, etc.

So what you are thinking as a small group of administrators would only be me. I guess a better description is that I want to offer two products based on the same data source.

  1. A Glide App for mobile devices for what I consider the end user–locals or road trippers looking for fun things nearby.
  2. A Glide Page for those event planners to have easy, keyboard access to list and update events. I’m calling them “administrators” but now realize that they are just a different type of end user.

The situation I’m trying to avoid is the event planner having to enter a great deal of information using the Glide App interface even though it can be accessed desktop/keyboard. Thus, the desire to build that as a Page product. Just need an appropriately scaled package.

Got it – those all sound like what we would consider Public users – you would just want some admin approval for vendors/vendor listings.

Sounds like we might have the same vision now. Any suggestions about how I might do this? If I have to do it in the App, I can create a form with the condition to allow editing a specific event if designated event manager equals signed-in user.

Really, really, really don’t want to do it in the App. Too cumbersome. Need the form to update between 20 and 30 fields across 3 different sheets with one-to-many relationships of one event manager to many event names AND one event name to many event dates.

I welcome suggestions.