Healthcare App for Customers on Glide and User Limit

Hey there, amazing Glide community! :rocket:, I’m interested in developing a mobile app for my femtech startup using Glide. I have a few questions regarding the user limit for signing up and utilizing our services. Can I create the app for our customers on Glide? I want users to be able to sign up, access our services, and have their profiles managed.

So, two things to ask!

  1. Could you please clarify how many users can sign up and use our services as customers on the Glide App?
  2. Do you really suggest we can go for creating a customer-end or a user-end app on Glide? :dizzy:

It depends on the plan you will be purchasing.

For a full walkthrough of which users are considered public or private, please check this.

It’s not that you can’t build it, but I think Glide’s direction is not geared towards customer-facing applications. They’re more focused on dark apps - internal apps which serve a purpose in a company/organization.

Also as you’re building a healthcare app, please check user data rules and restrictions here.


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