Glide for 200 thousand daily visits?


I am making an app that seeks to improve aspects of others that are already working in my country. By doing research it is possible to achieve the following objectives:

1 million users.

200 thousand visits a day.

1 million searches per day.

I don’t know if I will be able to achieve these goals, but I need to know at least if I am close, what costs it would have for me, in order to put together an adequate business plan and that growth is scalable.

Could someone help me estimate the monthly expenses in glide for this stage?

Thank you!

IF you need users to log in and create an account, IDK if Glide is the right product for you.
My suggestion is start with Glide, grow your project, and when you are at 80% capacity of Glide, move to another solution. That way you keep your costs down.

You can always speak with @Ian for enterprise pricing.

In that sense, I wonder, how to make a change of provider in the midst of a success in the user registration rate? That is why I needed to estimate costs to understand whether or not it is convenient to start a project that can reach those numbers or directly and unfortunately I have to think of other options from the beginning.

don’t waste your time, your quota is way too big for Glide… unless they will give you some extra limits for a big price

Hi @David_Cura, Glide is best used by businesses with up to thousands of users.

Think more along the lines of companies with field sales teams, employee training, HR apps, project managers, logistics management, CRMs, inventory management, property management, etc. Also, local businesses like barbers, bakers, coffee shops, restaurants, etc.

We are able to support public apps with hundreds of thousands of users, but if those users need to log in and create user profiles and manage their own data then you will quickly run into the row limit.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to create the next big social media app or Airbnb, as @eltintero mentioned, we’d love to have you build the first version on Glide and if you get traction you could raise money and build a native app.

Thank you very much for your reply.

That’s what I want to understand.

Building a native app might take more than 6 months in this case. In that time frame, if the app exceeds 10,000 users, does glide allow them to continue registering or do I start to lose them quickly?

build the google web app, it might handle it… I never tried that big quota… biggest I did was 200k a day with 1 mil rows… from what I see in the documentation, a business google account can do 500K a day… maybe some other users have bigger experience in that case… just wait

They can continue registering. The row limit is a soft limit, so you can exceed 25k rows, but performance starts to diminish as you add more rows. We’re hoping to address this sometime this year, but I don’t have any concrete plans at the moment.

A lot of this depends on the design of the app. If you have 10k user profiles then that takes up 10k rows. That leaves you 15k rows to work with for the rest of your data. However, if 10k people each add 1 row, that’s 20k rows used, leaving you 5k to work with.

That said if you are able to get 10k users in 6 months that would be an incredible accomplishment unless you already have a community ready to start using the app.

Most apps, even the Twitters and Instagrams of the world start with far fewer users in the first 6 months! Maybe try to put together a beta with a goal to get 1000 users in 6 months? If it works out you would have a much better idea of the business plan and what you need to succeed with your project.


Thanks for your reply.

I will follow your advice. I hope to receive support if the application is successful! Maybe by then mysql will be implemented and everything becomes more scalable.


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