Portal app with 2K-3K users who rarely sign in. Is Glide right for this?

Hello everyone! (First post yay!)

Honestly guys, I have read the docs at least twice on the new pricing for users but I’m still not sure what this means for one of my use cases.

I’m contemplating Glide for a relatively simple portal app for gated content where there are two types of users; Investors and Companies. The ambition is to have around 2000-3000 total users after 3 years (all different domains). We think that only around 100 users will sign in to the app each month however - maybe less.

Assuming the above, does this mean we will be billed for 100 active users per month, or, 3000 registered users per month?

Do we need to go ‘unlimited’ and is there anyway to work predict the costs based on the above usage?

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Active users, not total users. :+1:

You could have 10000 users in the system. You’ll only be billed for the number of users who sign in.

Assuming the users have different company email addresses, you’re looking at a Team or Business plan.

Whether Glide is the right choice really comes down to the functionality you need, and the cost vs utility advantage.

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Nice! Thank you for clarifying Andy.

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