HELP! New pricing is a major problem & I'm in trouble

I have been developing a public facing client portal app for a client for a long time. They had issues with syncing data from their MySQL to Glide, but they finally got it to work. As we waited we had the pro-plan (Now we have the legacy plan) and we waited to transition to business plan after the syncing is done. BUT now the new pricing doesn’t work for us anymore. I need up to 1000 users (They have potentially 5000 clients, but most are going to log in only once or twice a year) and for the app and I can’t have the restriction of “” -kind of emails not allowed to log in as many use their work emails and those are already in the MySQL database. And I need API to be able to sync the data. The new business plan considers all users as $5/month user. So My to run the app will cost +5k/month or more to run.

So what can I do.

Is there a way to get “casual” user log in (up to 1000 active users per month - Work emails and free emails) + API access And not pay 5k per month?

I’m in trouble. Shit. Any advice?

If you have 1000 users why can’t you charge each of them 5USD extra per month?

These are most children :smiley: The value a user gets is not worth $5 per user. They just check for some small details.

I’m no expert, but could you avoid MYSQL databases and then move to a new plan?

You could contact Glide sales about the Enterprise plan and see what they can offer you.