Stuck since new pricing update

Hi community!

I went from legacy starter (25€) to free plan few days ago since I did not market my app yet (I’m the only user) and wanted to pause the payments in order to adapt my value proposition first. But now half of my rows are missing/gone and I cannot get them back on my app…


  1. Do you confirm we have 25K rows in free plan ? Because my app is stuck at 579 rows and I have about 1300 rows in my google spreadsheet…
  2. What does it mean “no updates needed” in the free plan ? In my usage tab I see I’m authorised up to 1000 updates with my current free plan…why are these numbers different and what is the correct info ?
  3. Basically, does it mean I have to pay 150€/month for a basic app I use for my own usage only (one user - me) ??
    → 1300 rows and adding about 20 rows each day (I’m scraping youtube video’s to my glideapp)
    → around 1100 to 1500 updates / month
    → some webhook integrations with make

I would be ok to pay this price when I manage to pivot and get some paying users. I think the old price of 25€/month for a starter plan was also fair for my usage…But until then, being blocked with 500 rows and ?? updates is a frustrating…

Basically I’m a frustrated glide user with all these pricing updates, unclear communication about the features, and really difficult to reconcile the authorised features we get in the plans versus the usage shown in our glide space. Although I love the product, I find it really difficult to keep using this product with all these pricing & features updates each month !! Grrrrr :rage:

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Yes, but the new Free Plan only allows you to use native Glide Tables. External data sources, including Google Sheets, are not supported.

With the new plans, updates are only counted with external data sources, some integrations, and API calls. As the new Free Plan doesn’t provide access to anything that would consume updates, then updates do not apply to Free Plans.

This doesn’t sound right, quite possibly something got messed up when you switched from the old Legacy Starter Plan to the new Free Plan. Can you please show us a screen shot of your Usage tab?

The best advice I can give is to study the new plans and pick the one that best meets your needs. I’m guessing that maybe the Maker Plan might be the right one, but you need to be aware of and understand the restrictions around users on that plan - unlimited personal users.


Well I tried to create a new app from scratch and importing my google sheet into a glide table but I could only retrieve 423 rows although my google sheet contains 1200+ rows :frowning:

Not clear what a “personal user” exactly is. DO I understand correctly if gmail is a personal user and any user with his business email like is NOT a personal user ? IF correct, then what happens when such a user try to login to my Maker plan app ?

If that’s truly a Legacy Free plan, you are playing by legacy plan rules.

  • You only get access to 500 rows more or less.
  • Updates are still counted on glide takes and you only get 1000 total updates.
  • You can use Google sheets as a data source.
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If the email Sunday is not considered a personal email domain, then it’s not a personal user. There is a link to an Email validator in the documentation regarding personal users that Darren shared. The concept of personal users only applies to the New Free and Maker plans. I’m legacy plans you are only restricted by the number of allowed private and public users, which is a completely different concept.

They will be rejected from signing in.


The app I built contains an integration with the youtube api. Every day, I go and get around 30 videos and puts them in my app to watch them. This means I already use 30*30 = 900 updates / month ?? Or am I doing the math wrong ?

Then imagine I have 3 users, each watching 10 videos on my app / day. When a video is watched, the status changes in my data table (using glide formulas). This means I also use 31030 = 900 updates /month ?

thanks for your feedback

Again, you are on a legacy plan, so legacy rules. Darren assumed you were reverted to the new free plan, but instead it looks like you reverted to the legacy free plan, so the whole thing regarding no updates on glide tables does not apply. That’s only for the new plans.

Also, some integrations have their own update counts which are separate from updates counted to add, update, or sync table data. So yes, just updating 30 rows of data a day will count as 900 updates for the month. If a watched video also causes data to update, then yes that’s an update each time. If you are utilizing any Glide integrations, then you may or may not incure updates depending on the requirements for the integration.

However, your updates would be much less if you used Glide tables with a New plan, but please make sure you understand the differences between legacy and new plans, because once you give up a legacy plan, there is no going back.


May be, the best way is to create new team and start some free trial on one of plans, them make a copy of your app(if it pages) and move it to new team with trial. You can inspect which actions will take an update.
Probably you will see only api call handle one update per action.
I don’t think watching the video by link from app will take any update.
If i understand correctly you have to saving video’s URLs to an app by call api and storing response to the app. Just use the native Glide table and save your updates.

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Thanks ! So I created a new team which is now on “free” plan and indeed with glide table I manage to go up to my 1300 rows now.

But I feel rather limited with 500 updates on maker plan…and same goes with team plan regarding the 20 users only…so what should I do ? Go for another tool or change business ? I understand that it’s 0,02 $ / additional update. But what if a user makes a big use of your app and overnight you end up with loads of updates made on your app… ? I feel rather insecure with this way of charging.

Looks like the maker plan is more for many users who can only access some fixed data in an app without changing too much nor triggering too many actions with integrations behind…because this would lead to easily get over 500 updates…and more somth like 10k updates…so this would mean to build your app in a way to have a minimum of updates (or at least pay attention to it)…which adds complexity to your app structure. Or maybe I’m a noob and I should take glide lessons (been on this tool for some years now already…) :slight_smile: anyways, thanks for your help dear glide experts :pray:

What do you think would be using those updates? If you are getting free updates on Glide tables, then what else would you be doing to count against your update quota?

I can create a new team (free) and import all my google sheet data in glide tables, but unfortunatly I have to REBUILD EVERYthING :frowning:

If I transfer my app with google sheet linked to it, I won’t be able to use more than 500 rows…even in the glide table. If you see what I mean

If you transfer an app using google sheets to a new Team plan, you are going run into one of two things. If it’s a new Free team, you won’t be using google sheets at all. If it’s a new Maker team, then you still get 25k rows. It doesn’t reduce to 500 just because it’s a google sheet data source. Again, legacy plans are different. The 500 row limit only applies to the legacy free plan regardless of data source.

:frowning: I don’t get your remark. I just want a fixed price for a fixed package. Basically, I want to pay a decent amount for glide to be profitable and for me to be able to prototype easily before trying to market my app. Currently it’s not the case from my point of view.

When I start building on glide with a paid plan (let say 30-40$/month), so a starter plan, I need :

  • decent amount of rows (5k would be more than enough)
  • decent amount of updates (1000-1500 should be fair to start)
  • 2-10 personal users max (don’t need more to prototype decently)
  • access to basic integrations (webhooks, google sheets, API’s…)

But I cannot find this…:frowning:

Maybe Glide should propose a way to build your own plan fully. Kind of what they do for the ‘updates’ but for the other sections also. And make it a fixed plan. When the quota’s are used, your are done for the month

Let me just start by saying this. You gave up a paid legacy plan, so there is no going back and there is no point in discussing any legacy plans in depth. I think it’s just leading to confusion. All paid options from here on out will be with the new plan structure outlined on the current pricing page.

All new plans start with 25k rows. The external data sources that are available to you will differ per plan type, but not the number of rows the plan offers

Again, what would you be doing that would count updates? With new plans, any data that changes on Glide Tables do not count any updates at all. Data changed within external data sources (including google sheets) will still count updates. So even though the update count is lower, you may have a massive advantage if you exclusively use Glide Tables. You can still enable the option to purchase additional updates as needed, but that all depends on what you are trying to do that would count updates.

Now if you are using API’s to update data, then that’s a different story and will count updates per API mutation.

All plans cover at least 10 personal users. What you have to watch for is the difference between personal and business users. The Free and Maker plans only allow Personal users to sign in. Team, Business and Enterprise don’t make that distinction. In that case users are just users regardless of email domain.

The advantage with the Maker plan is that you get unlimited personal users.

All Glide integrations are included on all paid plans.

Maker is probably the most feasible in your case, but I can’t say for sure. Free may work, but it sounds like you need some additional functionality that would require at least some updates. Team or higher could work, but may be overkill. I don’t know…all depends on your budget and needs.


If you will go to Maker plan with Glide table, you will have fixed 900 updates every month and no one of users will produce any updates.
Just 900 updates for api and all another add row, edit, delete is free of any update. And no limit for users. Just must be personal. And 25000 totally rows