Price change advise

Hi there,

I know that this may be a query that is coming up a lot, but I feel I could really use some direct advise on whether I upgrade my plan now or not.

I am a free user of Glide as I use it to make a personal non profit app for playing board games with a small group of firends.
I have been very pleased with what I have been able to do with the free version, and as I appoach the 500 row limit I was very strongly considering upgrading to the “Basic” version to up this to 5000 rows, as I will not likleyt reach that limit any time soon.

I have not quite got passed 500, so I was haning on for now,
however with the new plan changes, I see that the smallest new plan for this would be $25 a month, where as the Basic version could be as little as $9 (using yearly payment)

As it happens I can get the old Price offers to display in the Glide interface, but I do not know whether to jump on that now to make sure I am able to get onto the Basic price plan (if this will continue to work for any amount of time) or if I continue to avoid the paid for options, only to then go over 500 rows and the only upgrade option to be the $25 version :confused:

Has anyone out there had a similar situation?
Or can anyone advise on what they think the best approach would,
thanks :slight_smile:

I think if you upgrade an app individually it will work for some months before you are introduced to the migration process.

To make sure you get a detailed answer, I will post this question in the thread below, please continue the discussion there.