🆕 All-New Team Plans Coming Thursday, April 21st

We’re excited to introduce all-new team plans, designed to make it simpler and easier for you to create more software with Glide. This includes a new Pro Team plan, with unlimited Apps & Pages, for $99/mo.

Top 3 Things You Need to Know

  1. Pricing for existing customers is not changing yet. You can rest assured that the launch on Thursday will not immediately impact your day-to-day workflows

  2. Eventually, all customers will move to team plans, but we will provide plenty of time to make the switch, instructions for migration, and support to ensure your transition to team plans is a success

  3. The goal of launching team plans is to allow our customers to build more Apps and Pages without worrying about upgrading individual projects. The new pricing model makes Glide easier, more flexible, and more productive

Watch Jack Walk Through What’s New

Check Out the New Team Plans

See all the details of the new team plans here

Changes to the Free Plan

Our mission is to create a billion new software developers, so we’re including more features to our Free plan to give anyone just getting started with Glide even more. We will be announcing the migration plan for Free Apps and Pages to the new Free Team plan in the coming weeks.

Here are some highlights of what the new Free Team plan includes:

  • Up to 500 rows with any data source including Airtable and Excel
  • Up to 500 rows for Pages
  • Private Users for Apps and Public Users for Pages
  • Tablet layout and all Tab Icons for Apps

With the new plans, resources like published projects, file storage, and users are shared across your team. Below are some differences between the new Free Team plan and Free Apps & Pages

New Free Plan Old Free Plan
Published Projects and Drafts 3 Published Projects and Unlimited Drafts in your team Unlimited Published Projects
File Storage 200MB shared across your team’s projects 100 MB per project
Visitors (Users who do not sign in) Unlimited Unlimited
Public Users Up to 100 unique Public Users who sign into your team’s projects per month Unlimited for Apps; Not included for Pages
Private Users Up to 3 unique Private Users who sign into your team’s projects per month Not included for Free Apps & Pages
Zaps and Webhooks Unlimited 100 per project
Data Operations 1,000 Updates* shared across your team’s projects 1,000 Sheet Edits per project

*Updates are a new concept that we are introducing with team plans. An Update occurs when a row is added or changed and when changes to a data source like Google Sheets or Airtable are synced.

Let Us Know What You Think

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We can’t wait to see what you build :sparkles:


I can’t wait to see a Glide continue to grow thanks to the new pricing.

Grouping apps and pages into plans. Referring to apps and pages as “projects”. A greater focus on teams and “projects for work”.

This is going to be great.


It is common for an application to have a responsible, admin. If I make a product sales app, this admin must log in several times a month and even a day to add products, change prices.
How should I consider an application having only “Up to 3 unique Private Users who sign into your team’s projects per month”?

If the same user logs into multiple Apps and Pages, they will only count as one Public User and/or one Private User for your team depending on your projects’ sign-in settings

Previously, the same user logging into two different Private Pro Apps would count as two users. Not anymore!


I understand this part but can the same user be doing multiple logins during the day and the month?

Yes, Public and Private Users are counted per unique user, not per sign-in


What is the minimum and maximum number of Team members?
If it’s two, does that mean that we won’t be able to develop applications autonomously?

A single person can create and edit projects on all plans

The number of Editors listed in each team plan indicates the maximum number of users that can edit and create projects on your team

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  1. If I understand when you say “single person” would it be precisely this moment that we still don’t have a team formed?
  2. Looking at the new plans, the free plan can have up to 2 editors and the Starter, which I liked the most, has up to 5 editors.
    Does this define the number of members or will they be able to have more than just view everything or will Data not be accessible for the surplus number of editors?

I have a row in my google sheet that shows the “CURRENT TIME”. So does that mean with every minute that is passed, my number of sheet edits will increase?

  1. Excluding legacy users, all users on Glide are part of a team even if they are in a team by themselves

  2. In the future, we may have roles for different team members (e.g., Editor vs. Viewer). For now, you will not be able to add more users than the number of Editors allowed by your team plan

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With the introduction of Updates, we have to differentiate between “Sheet Edits / Sheet Updates” and “Edits”

Updates include Adds, Edits, Deletes, and Syncs. An “Edit” occurs when an App or Page user changes a row in your data source. A “Sync” occurs when you make changes to your data source that update your App or Page. You can think of Syncs like “Sheet Edits / Sheet Updates”

Going back to your question, if a row updates your Google Sheet in a way that changes your App or Page, then that will count as a Sync. I would check how many “Sheet Edits / Sheet Updates” your project uses today as that will be a good estimate for how many Syncs your project will use on a team plan


Does a Glide Table also apply or only if it is a Google Sheet?

Great question!

The benefit of using Glide Tables is that they don’t incur any Syncs. If you can bring your data into a Glide Table, you can have more Updates for Adds, Edits, and Deletes

A majority of Updates for most teams will be Syncs, so switching over to Glide Tables will be a big advantage



Does Public Users have in this case the same interpretation as Private User considering that logging in to the same app or to the apps of a team will count as 1 out of 100 in free?
In a Starter plan what will happen when user 1001 tries to log in? Will the first 1000 users to log in be able to continue logging in?

Yes, the same user signing into one Public project or multiple Public projects will count as one Public user

Once you reach a team’s Public or Private User quota, new unique users will not be able to log in. Users who had signed in that month can still log in. Both quotas are reset every month.

However, since visitors are unlimited, if your Public App or Page does not require sign-in, users who do not sign in could still open the project

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If you don’t need that current time for any functionality within your google sheet, it might be better to use a math column in glide to get the current time. Then you don’t have to worry about any syncs or updates because the current time will be updated directly on the user’s device. Plus, it will respond much more quickly because it will update every 10 seconds.


I believe that almost all Glide users must have more than 3 apps in “My apps”. Many of us have also created Teams that actually act as folders for monitoring applications.
I understand that this change will be slow and gradual, but with regard to this surplus of 3 apps, what treatment will be given both in My apps and in the Team?