How to upgrade now to a new team plan!

Hello, Gliders! You may have noticed a new banner in the builder this week to upgrade to a new team plan. Keep reading to learn more.

What are team plans?

Earlier this year, the Glide team announced new team plans. Instead of upgrading each App or Page, you can now purchase a single team plan for all the projects in your team.

What happens to my existing Apps and Pages?

If you choose to upgrade to a team plan, all your existing plans will be replaced with the team plan you chose. You will receive credit for the remaining time on your subscriptions.

If I upgrade, can I choose to go back to my previous subscriptions?

No, once you upgrade to a team plan, you will have to choose between the Free, Starter, Pro, and Business team plans.

What if I see the error message: “We’re unable to upgrade this team right now”?

Don’t worry! It just means that your team cannot upgrade to a team plan without additional help from Glide team. At this point, no changes have been made to your account. Click “Contact support”, so that we can manually upgrade your team to the team plan you want.

What if I do not see the banner?

If you do not see this banner, that may mean you are already on a team plan.

Otherwise, you may have a legacy subscription, which cannot be upgraded just yet. If you would still like to upgrade to a team plan, please contact support, so that we can help you manually upgrade to the team plan you want.

For more info, you can find detailed plan descriptions and our FAQs section on our Pricing page.