Basic plan has disappeared from pricing options

I was looking to introduce Glideapp to a small non-profit organisation and had told them about the Basic plan. But when i checked today, it has disappeared. It seemed the next Tier from Personal/Free is the Pro plan. This is going to be a bit out of reach for a small non-profit.

Can someone advise me if this is a permanent thing? If it is, I’ll have to think of alternatives for the organisation. Thank you!

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I didn’t notice!
The basic app is gone.
Do you know when this is gone?

Hi @hisashi.fujita @incontemplation

Just checked. Yes for some reason it’s not showing on the website, one for the glide team to answer.

But if you upgrade your app I see that ‘Basic App’ is still available as an option.


Thank you Rosewebstudio
On the upgrade screen from personal, I confirmed that the display of basic APP is alive.
that’s strange. Let’s wait for a while to see which display is wrong.


Thank you @Rosewebstudio!

I wonder if the Basic plan is only available for existing users. My concern is if I’m recommending this to a new user, would they still have the Basic plan available to them? I don’t really want to get them all excited, only to realise that they have to start with a Pro plan.

I’ve also dropped a note.


Maybe a strategic decision for glide. Pricing and ‘options’ will always be reviewed to keep them relevant and ‘viable’ :wink:


i have a problem with my current basic, it seems that i reach the stockage limit… But i’m sure that’s not the case !..

And the consequence is the application is showing the “alert message” and it is not working correctly.

do I miss something ? and it is not realy cool :frowning:


You only get a message when you have used up all the ‘limits’ available to you as part of your current plan.

You haven’t missed anything.

Also you can check your usage stats via the upgrade button in glide

i’m aware about this, but i have not added more data which explain this change suddenly.

Or may be it is a new way to count data, even for sheet which are not used at all ? Just to force the user to change its plan ? i hope not, because it is not realy fair.

Do you use array formula in Google sheets for any function? These can sometimes get out of hand without an IF(xx:x>0,). There might be a better function to use, someone will be along shortly to point that out :laughing:

You save my day ! It was the case ! thanks a lot :smiley:

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You are welcome, it happened to me again yesterday.

In Google sheets everything is fine, as soon as I added 1 line of glide data to the sheet, array formula went nuts.

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thank @Rosewebstudio , but the issue was due to a wrong use of ArrayFormula. I did not put a condition for blanks lines, so it ran also for the rest of my sheet, and it has created some thousan of fake entries. the problem it solved now :slight_smile:

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Excellent, glad it’s sorted. :+1:

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Support has gotten back: “You can still select a Basic plan when you upgrade, it was just a matter of screen space as to why it’s not shown on the pricing page.”

I’m not sure if removing it due to lack of screen space is a great reason (i’m pretty sure there’s an easy way to turn it into a scrollable section so that all options are shown). Anyway I’m just glad it’s still there - somewhere. LOL.


I hope that this “you can stil…” doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be available in the future.

I find that explanation about web page space very odd.

We are constantly changing our pricing page, and thinking of new plans to offer—just as we iterate our product, we are iterating our business as well.

Yes, we might remove the Basic plan someday. We might remove Pro. We might double the prices. All of these things will probably happen at some point—in fact, it’s what must happen in businesses that don’t die.


Also, the Private Basic plan hasn’t been on the pricing page for months, and nobody mentioned it!


@david didn’t you offer special prices for Non Profit and schools? No for me but for @incontemplation

The current pricing plan is so much easier to understand! And hopefully it’s working out well for your business :slightly_smiling_face: