Basic plan has disappeared from pricing options

Hi David, I asked about this in the past, where can I find more info on it? Thanks!

I’m not questioning your prerogative to raise prices. :slight_smile:

Here’s the context of my post: I go to a small church and because of Covid-19 measures, they have to take attendance manually every week which was very ineffective. I was thrilled when I came across Glideapp and despite being a non-techie and non-coder, I made a rudimentary attendance app in 15min.

When I asked them to use it, I told them that the Basic plan should cover our needs. So I continued to spend hours and effort to improve the app and when I wanted to upgrade, I went to the pricing page just to check again, and the Basic plan was not there! My heart sank, how do I now go back to the church to tell them that if they wanted to continue using the app, it was going to be US$24 a month, instead of US$9 (almost three times difference!)

I tried to search to see if I’ve missed something. All I could find in this forum was a post from you in Sep 2020 on the all-new Glide pricing. There were no other posts about further price changes and I couldn’t find any emails on it. My post here was a genuine attempt at trying to find out if I’ve missed some communication on price changes.

I do understand that businesses have to increase prices to survive and thrive. And when that happens, I hope that we’ll be informed in advance. I’ve really enjoyed using Glide and have been really excited in telling non-coders about it but this somewhat defensive reply, from the CEO no less, has somewhat dulled that enthusiasm. :expressionless:

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@david I’ve used Glide for less than a month. I wouldn’t know what I didn’t know! :rofl:

@PabloMFalero The website says there’s a special pricing for non-profits but it’s for Private apps only. My app needs to be Public. :slight_smile:

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Click Upgrade inside the product, and you’ll find the Basic plan still.

Yes, I am very defensive of Glide! That’s my job :smiley:


To be clear, we have not changed any prices. We are just showing fewer options on

When we change our prices, we will announce it.

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True, didn’t realise that! My bad

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Hi @david

If Glide wants to be a billion users company it might offer some trusty play rules for their customers. Especially for the early adopters in order to keep them engaged and confident with the deal.

I’ll give you an example:

My company was an early adopter of Google GSuite solution back in 2004 when it still was in beta. So it was a free service. Google would offer this product years later as a subscription one but I’m still getting my free GSuite Account with 200 free users and with mostly all the same features as the paid users but with some limits.

In other words. I get more if I pay more but never, I mean never, would pay more for the same. Or being forced to pay just because the game rules change in the middle of the match.

For example, when checking the upgrade options for a new app i’m just starting to develop I’m getting a (hide) basic-pro subscription offer from 15$ month for 20 users and 1€ a month for extra user that would fit perfecly for my Glide project. Will it be available once I finish my dev work and is in production? would it be available in the future? Nobody knows… not even you … and this doesn’t help glide users to trust that Glide would be the right choose in the future. Maybe now it is… but who knows…

Sorry, but I want to be clear at this point. I really enjoy using Glide and love the amazing new improvements you folks are offering but too often I don’t feel comfortable with this unstable policy on pricing options.

Not meaning to offend but trying to show my true feelings about this.


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We do exactly as Google does — if you buy Glide, we allow you to keep your price indefinitely—this is what we did with Legacy Pro subscriptions. Are you asking that we never change our prices in the future, for plans you haven’t bought yet? No, we cannot offer that.

Furthermore, I can promise that we will raise our prices in the future. We don’t have any specific plans to do this now, but it certainly will happen. If this makes you uncomfortable, I understand if you choose not to use Glide for this reason.

I also promise that we will add a ton of new features to Glide, and it will become much more valuable.



I wouldn’t say the pricing structure is unstable, it has changed fairly recently to be more streamlined and to reflect that glide has moved on from being a brand new company to one with a solid growing user base.

All David is saying is that the prices will change in the future, but that is the same with any product from any company.

You mention GSuite, of which I was also an early adopter and have enjoyed free access to for years. Their prices have gone up for new users, but those users also get far more features now than the historic plans, some of which I required and had to upgrade on 1 of my domains. These prices have changed a number of times over the past 10 years, the name has even changed 3 times! That’s simply inflation (and Google being Google with names).

Early build glide apps are still on the old pricing structure as far as I’m aware, newer ones on the new pricing structure. The likelihood is that the recent price change will be with us for a while longer yet but David and Glide would be foolish to say nothing will change for xx days/weeks/months/years because they have no idea what is coming round the corner.

/Edit. It appears I spent way too long typing that out :joy:

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I totally get what you mean and you’ve voiced my concerns totally. The thing is I plan for a new app (and speak to stakeholders) based on the current available pricing that I can see. And in this case, I had a “scare” because I thought the Basic pricing had disappeared after I’d finished developing the app.

Like you now, I don’t feel confident to develop any more new apps because what if the pricing changes while I’m in the middle of development on the Free plan. I know some people make apps and sell them for thousands of dollars. But I work with non-profits and I do this pro bono for them and they just pay the Basic subscription when it’s in production. The last thing I’d want to see is I’ve put in all these hours to make this app for them, and they can’t even afford to use it.

I think something really important has been missed in this topic. If it wasn’t for the last pricing change, the Basic plan wouldn’t even exist. There was no tier between Personal and Pro. Are you still against pricing structure changes, seeing as your whole model is built around the Basic plan?

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I think you’ve totally misunderstood me. I’m not against a pricing change. If you have read my earlier messages, you’d have seen that I’ve only used Glide since February, so I wouldn’t know what the previous pricing structure was.

All I was pointing out was between the time I started developing the app using Free and putting it into production using Basic, which was less than a month, the Basic plan disappeared from public view. This can be quite disconcerting for a new user, especially when it hasn’t been communicated and I couldn’t find any information on it anywhere. I did find out later that I could still upgrade to Basic even though it’s not shown on the website.

No one is saying the price cannot change, I think we’re just hoping for more transparency and advance notice.


I have 2 Pro apps and 1 Basic. For the Basic App, I’m interested to upgrade it to Pro. I paid in advance for Basic. Will the credit remaining be taken off a Pro subscription?

Thanks for any pointers.

Yes, all subscription changes are pro-rated. We preview the charges for you before you are charged when you make changes.


I am looking to buy the basic plan. Is there an increase in the Zap/webhook quota?

To answer an earlier point @david made earlier, it’s likely your community members didn’t mention it for a while because we are already users… Glide makes it easy to upgrade from the app editor, so I haven’t visited the ‘pricing’ page in ages. It was only until I realised the lists under each plan in the editor is incomplete.

@david I’m absolutely positive that you and the team will have ears to the ground about your competitors. I think it’s really important that you iterate/clarify to your community that you want your pricing to reflect the market value of your product. Personally it’s very irritating to read cowboy statements that say you must double the prices. Although not a technically incorrect statement about the future, without context it doesn’t have any utility in building consumer confidence.

No-code is obviously revolutionary for small business owners like myself, and the market knows it. I’m constantly looking and learning about what’s out there, and i’m simultaneously building with things like Adalo, Elementor, Bubble - so wring your neck in when talking about raising prices and mentioning your product value as an after thought - make those promises first.

Rant over. Make it accessible and the business will dominate.

Can anyone answer the question about the complete basic plan quotas?


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Hello Simon, sorry to bother you, but since you have an application in the basic plan, could you indicate the limit of pins on the map that I can capture. Thanks

Should be 50 pins.


OK thank you

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