Basic App Minimal Branding

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I am looking at the various glideapps pricing options on and I can see detailed features for Pro on

I was wondering what Minimal Glide Branding under Basic App looks like compared to Glide Branding under Personal App.

If there is a page that showcases this or images like this page: FAQ on Glide Branding it will really be helpful or someone to kindly share the differences here.



I wonder the same. I’d like to know too.

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I purchased basic plan and there is no change on the branding
the free plan has glide loading screen and a footnote “made with glide” on the about us and the Basic plan has exactly the same branding.

There’s still going to be branding in a Basic plan, but you get a few more extras. If I were to guess, one thing that probably goes away is the popup that you see occasionally on free apps.

I once tried to suggest that they offer a package that has no branding but limited features like reduced number of rows.
Most of us are makers and that means we make money by creating Apps for clients who don’t know about glide. Sometimes the $32 is a bit much to pay just to showcase an App for a potential client and you can’t send them an App from a free App because you will lose that client as soon as the open the App and see that they can create the App in 5 minutes with glide. This has potential to generate more revenue for glide than the current basic App. I am willing to bet in this one.


Create an alternative basic App ($12) with maybe 5000 rows and NO glide branding meaning I can connect my own domain on it.

How this would help

Some clients we win by first creating the App and then showcasing it in its completed or half done form. In order to do this, you need to send the App to the client to view and if you send it with a domain then you lose that client on the spot because they will want to do it themselves. Now this has the potential of glide getting another user for their platform but it wont guarantee that they will be makers because they will just create their own App and not look for other clients as they will have sorted their problem.
Glide is a powerful and great platform to work with but the $32 can be a challenge especially down here in SOUTH AFRICA.
There is so much potential for a platform like glide in our country but it needs people like myself to be given a helping hand by making this possible. Please consider introducing this “Basic alternative” package with custom domain & 5000 rows or even 2500. @david

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We will probably never lower prices as you suggest. In fact, I hope we will start charging more to remove the branding.

You will not lose clients when they find out about Glide.


Thanks @david
If you could please remove the branding on the basic plan so we app sellers can get success too.

It will be counterproductive for us to sell apps with glide branding because clients can easily discover that they can do it themselves with glide. It’s bad for our business and bad for glide as a business in the long term. Adalo and BravoStudio have this advantage.

Please consider. also please charge a little bit more to remove the branding but not as high as $32



If you lose customers as soon as they learn about Glide, then you’re only selling your secret knowledge that Glide exists. We are not interested in doing business with you if that is all you sell, and we certainly will not lower prices for all customers so you can arbitrage Glide in this way.

Customers are actually paying for your knowledge of how to use Glide well to make their app faster than they would be able to. Please do a test where you tell some customers about Glide, and see if you lose them.


Just make your branding in the App more visible and more attractive than Glide branding… so your customers will not pay attention to Glide… :wink:
and like David said… create something that no ordinary user can do with it. Add some google scripts, CSS and photoshop and you will be fine…

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Exactly! @david knows what I already did about it, and I had the same kind of thought.
But today, most of my costumers are people who knows about glide, and/or even already tried to do their apps.

If you do a great job and faster than a native app (99,99% you’ll do), there’s no problem your costumer knows about Glide.

If their apps need to be Pro, you have to charge a price you’ll be good which you can get your profit, and the client need to know about. Because, if they dont accept what you charge, they will think if they will pay +3 times more to do a native app.

So, they will always pay you for what they don’t know how to do. Doesn’t matter what tool you’re using to build it, but thank God it’s Glide lol.


sorry about that.

The thing is, it would take an ordinary user a lot of time to find out enough to even do relatively easy things :wink: So if people want to win time they pay for that :wink:


@ebele54 and @Lucas_Pires I bet you could upgrade one of your apps to see how the branding changes for you and if you don’t find them to be worth the upgrade you could change your subscription back down to free or basic. It’s not a very expensive experiment in the long run if you’re learning about how your apps will be presented to your clients. :slight_smile:


I also did upgrade and I can say its very worth the upgrade


Yea, I already did that. Enjoying the conversation though. A lot of great minds here

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@Lucas_Pires como tem precificado seus aplicativos Pro para os clientes? Vejo algumas limitações de linhas por exemplo no Glide, que interferem em levar um app para mais empresas e cobrar um valor menor. Se analisarmos sobre a conversão de 32$ para o Real, nesse momento o valor se aproxima de 170 reais já com impostos. Vejo o Glide aqui no Brasil como uma ferramenta que não está nos planos de quem está começando, não pelo fato de não poderem aprender e usar a versão Free, mas sim porque 170 reais + o valor mensal de um desenvolvedor para manutenções e melhorias podem facilmente chegar a 300 reais. Outras ferramentas que não limitam a linhas, e espaço maiores de armazenamento permitem que os preços sejam diluídos em empresas tornando mais competitivo do que o uso do Glide. Poderia dar uma sugestão ou opinião? Desde já agradeço.

E aí, @Wander_Ferreira ! Eu faço exatamente isso! Lembrando que na época que o Glide tinha o plano Refferal, eu consegui ganhar linhas e mesmo com o plano free eu tenho uma quantidade boa de linhas, mas o correto é o cliente pagar esse valor mensal a parte pois isso garante até a propriedade intelectual do app para ele como um “aumento de banco de dados” para deixar ativo. Faz sentido?

No caso de clientes que não tem como pagar o valor por não ter cartão de crédito internacional ou não queira se envolver nesse processo, aí vc pode cobrar os 170 + suporte mensal, como eu mesmo já faço com alguns clientes.

Obrigado! Sim eu estou seguindo nessa linha de trabalho. O cliente está ciente que uso o Glide e que deve pagar para obter mais recursos da ferramenta. Quanto a manutenção faço a parte.

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