Minimal glide branding

What type of branding glide will do in minimal branding for basic 12$ per month.?

I don’t have a clear idea about this, maybe they just show the advertising modal less. I believe @Simon_Hill did have a basic app so he can chime in with this.

Hi yes, there is almost no branding on the basic subscription. The pop-up window never happens and the word glide appears very subtly in the loading/sign-in windows.

See for yourself using my ‘Who want’s to be a Vinionaire?’ app.


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Hi @Simon_Hill, what do you mean with ‘The pop-up window never happens’?

I can’t notice the difference between my personal app and your basic subscription app.

Thanks in advance!

He means the Glide branding modal, which can be seen in free apps, does not happen on basic tier.


Is Vinionaire still running on the Basic plan? I couldn’t see any difference to the Personal plan.

Hi - yes, Vinionaire is running on the Basic plan. Here is the link again…

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Thanks @ThinhDinh but as @garrison said, I can’t see the Glide branding modal in Vinionaire’s app.

I’d upgrade to the Basic Tier if I can hide the modal but I’m not sure if it’ll work as I expect


Yeah I mean Simon said you can hide that modal on the basic tier.

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I didn’t check Simon’s app as it requires a login.

@Simon_Hill The Basic plan seems no longer available?

What are the other limits for the basic plan, i.e. how many map pins in particular?

Why don’t you just invest in 15 USD and take a month to explore?!

What is your barrier to logging?

The main barrier is getting spammed as that has already happened on one occasion.

I don’t want to invest $15 as it would be great to all the info upfront, and even the ability to purchase such a plan as it’s not available on Glide’s pricing page.

The basic plan is available. It’s just not listed on the main pricing page. It’s listed if you click on the upgrade button in the app editor. The biggest changes are that almost everything is in multiples of 5. 5000 rows, 5000 sheet edits, 50 map pins, 2gb storage, 5% fee for stripe transactions, etc. I may not be accurate on all of that, but thats the general gist of what the basic plan includes. Just a bit of a boost if you start to hit the limits of a free plan. I also assume that the modal popup on free plans is suppressed on the basic plan.


Thank you Jeff!

I have a pro plan and working on various experimental personal plans but the basic plan might work for a client; he will just need to sign up set me as a team member so I can work on his app. Then he can upgrade.

That being said, Glide has intimated they are revising their pricing in early 2022, or was just for the new Pages feature?

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I have no idea what Glide has planned for the future.

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I like the features of the Basic plan and am using it on one of my apps - it is a great value without the commitment of Pro. Instead of a custom domain, I just do a redirect from the link I want users to click on.


That’s a great idea for the custom domain, thank you!

What is the limit on map pins on a Basic plan?

I just upgrade my app in order to hide the modal but I don’t find it. Do you know where is it?