Minimal glide branding

You don’t have a button or a checkbox to hide/show it. Glide automatically shows/hides it based on your plan.

So, I just paid for the Basic tier which claims ‘Minimal Glide Branding’ but I can’t notice the difference?

Here are some images of the app ( that has Basic tier active so you can see what I mean.

What I am missing?


I meant to talk about the pop-up that occasionally appears on free apps (sorry I don’t have a screenshot here), the things you screenshot are still visible on the basic plan.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh for your patience. Now it’s everything clear!

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There are least 3 of you in this thread with the Basic plan and all I need to know is: how many map pins are allowed in this plan?

Thank you!

Like I mentioned above…and also according to the post below, I believe the limit is 50 pins on the map.

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Here is a list of basic features I received from support about a month ago:
glide basic tier