Basic App

Can I collect real emails if my subscription is “Basic App”?

No. That’s a Pro-only feature.

If you need “real” user emails in a free or basic app, then you need to explicitly ask your users for them after they sign in.

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Hi, I request emails in a form, that seems to be working on the free app. I also request postcodes via the form which translate into pins. Can I upgrade to basic for a higher pin allowance, or is that only possible with pro?

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking, or what you mean by a pin allowance, but a basic plan will allow your row limit to increase from 500 to 5000 rows.

I mean a free app only lets you add 10 pins to a map is that right? I’m not adding pins via a sheet, purely via user form entries with postcodes.

Will a basic app allow more location/postcode pins to be added to the map? Or is it only the pro feature that enables this?

I’m not sure about basic apps, but Pro ones seem to have a limit of 1000.

Thanks, yes I’m aware of the pro limit, it’s unclear if there’s any increase in limit with the basic app

I’m not very clear either on what all the differences are between plans. Documentation is limited regarding the basic plan, but I still see it as a personal plan with an added boost. I’m just not sure what’s different. My initial guess is that it would still be 10 pins, but it might be something to ask Glide about.

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I found out from support the limit is 50 pins for the basic app

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Good to know. Thanks for the update.