Basic plan details?

I’ve been looking in this forum for more Basic plan details with no luck.

  • Does it have a map pin limit?

  • What does “minimal Glide branding” exactly mean?

  • Custom domain support?

  • Google Analytics support?

Thank you in advance.


  1. pin limit → not sure. From my understanding the limit (10 on free plan) is on the number of GPS locations you get from the customer side. I have not come across limit in mapping them. e.g If I wanted to map all my store locations then I just manually add in the GPS locations into the sheet and I don’t think there is a limit (I believe I have done about 20 on the free plan)
  2. I tested a basic plan a couple of weeks ago and the “powered by glide” was still on the app when I fired it up (the screen before logging in)
  3. custom domain → no. You need to go to pro
  4. GA → no. You need to go to pro
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