Glide API for Starter

Any chance the Basic API will be available for the Starter Plan?

I think it would be a great opportunity since I am not aware of any other option to connect other sources and show results immitiatly. And I think it would be the community not doing weird Google sheets update calls only to trigger the data to update.

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The Basic API is available on Pro both for individuals and businesses.

Sorry for a typo I meant Starter

We don’t have any plans to bring any features from higher tiers down to lower tiers.

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Thank you for the information @david. Then I am not sure if GLIDE would be the best option for my project.

It would be great to get some feedback if my project would be feasible and a good solution using GLIDE.


My project is an on demand 3d printing order system. I have my server set up with slicing capabilities and cost calculation as well as thumbnail image creation based on 3D object file (stl, obj, etc.).

New customers see a form and can provide the 3D model files. A webhook sends the data to my server and the server sends back the information either as Json Response (but Glide cant take webhook Responses in my knowledge) or directly into the data manager using the GLIDE API or to Google Sheets.

Since I would need to directly update the UI for the customer seeing price an thumbnail image of 3D model, Google Sheets wont be an option and GLIDE API only starts at 99€/month which is too much for the start.

Also I am still not sure if its even possible to show session based data? Since User should not need to login to order but rather have the option when ordering to ctreate an account and keep their files on their profile so they can order again or modify anytime.

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I’m pretty sure the Glide API does exactly what you need. I’m sorry, I can’t help you find a workaround.

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Ok no problem, thank you.

And concerning the topic session based data? Is it possible that a visitor (no account) uploads data that is only visible to him? Or does the visitor need to log in first before I can show him only user spefici data?

It would be ok if the data is lost after the user leaves the app when he did not create an account. When he creates an account the values should be saved.

Thank you for your answer. :slight_smile:

As long as you’re using user specific columns, then the data is only visible to that user even if the user is not signed in.

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