Glide’s Own Storage

People, I was thinking about making a big project with Glide and thought about the Glide and Google’s Data Storage nowadays.

Have you ever thought if we could use the spreadsheet as a base, but high flow information and great information (such as forms and logins) would fall directly into the Glide Data, and along with that, Glide would make Data Gb available in PRO plans?

I feel like I won’t be able to make some big projects with Glide using google sheets’ limitations

We are very much thinking about that.


Why I love Glide? Because I realized pwa apps is already the future! I started a business because of you guys and this awesome platform!

have I already searched and studied other platforms to create this projects there? Yes. But I love glide and even not having many feature, I know you work hard to add them!

I wanna keep with you! This really would help me a lot! Please think about with kindness


i feel the same!

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Closing this topic. Today Glide Tables attends to it.

Same of: