Pricing options

Hi! Love what the Glide team is building. I came across Glide when it was just getting started.

Finally, after a few months I left for other platforms (adalo, etc). I find myself coming back every few months to check on pricing, not because I think it’s too expensive, but because I keep wondering if you will ever offer something that fits my (and my clients) needs, a pricing model for public apps but with private logins, basically, the need for most apps out there.

Hope this is available some day, love glide’s interface.

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An app can be public but still allow user’s to sign in.


Yes! We are working on this and think we have some promising solutions for next year.

Can you say more about what you mean, though? Anyone can sign up, but, the app is also private? How so?


@david When you roll out the new pricing plans, do you plan to price Pro plans (not private pro) per user? What are your preliminary thoughts on the public pro apps pricing model for 2022?