2022 Pricing

Hi There,
Just wondering if anyone knows of the expected release of new pricing,
We are thinking of moving to Glide app and have spent plenty of time in the community and noticed that they are considering new pricing in 2022…

Before comitting to the new product just wondering when to expect changes and what they may contain?

No updates have been released, and as far as I aware we don’t have an official ETA for this.

And any reason there’s no yearly billing available for Pages as of yet?

I don’t work for Glide so that might be a question somebody who does can help with, maybe @SantiagoPerez?

As @ThinhDinh has already stated that only people that work for Glide can answer that question accurately but I can have a guess at it…

My thinking is that since Glide pages is still on a private Pro package, then it means that billing is user based and therefore it would be difficult to determine how many users will use or access your App beyond the minimum limit of 20 users…that’s just my guess by the official response will still come from Glide team.