New Updates pricing concerns!

Guys i’ve used 1% of my Starter plan and i’m out of updates. Does anyone see a problem with the new updates pricing?
Still can’t figure out how Glide went from $32/App with unlimited Updates, to $25/App for 2500 Updates. I haven’t even started sharing the app yet!

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Indeed Glide has been pretty clear that their ideal paying customer is a company that needs to build mobile or web apps.

(I have nothing against housewives, with these work-from-home policies and my lifestyle I’m almost a househusband myself.)


I’m pretty certain glide is aiming for the average person not companies? But either way i think it will be hard to find 1 billion developers when over 3 billion people are unbanked. Definitely in favour of setting lofty goals though.
So where does that leave us with the crazy Updates madness?
I see they aren’t enforcing the Updates cap for now which is slight consolation. (hopefully they never will)
Anyways, i’m only frustrated because i really love Glide and i don’t want to go elsewhere, but i’m worried that glide apps will be too costly to build for the average person or even small businesses.

Hola @ToOFa_Apps

Are you using a Google Sheet or Glide Tables on your APP? You’ll have fewer headaches using GT instead due to there will be fewer updates and syncs between Glide servers and your external data sources.

I understand your concerns and position and I hope that the issue regarding using/writing USC can be resolved and not counted as updates as well.


A recipe book app will not use more than 1k updates per month, since recipes do not change often, so it will fit squarely in our free plan.

@ToOFa_Apps I see your app has mostly used Edits, but relatively few Adds. How is your app used? You still have not exceeded the limits of our $25 plan, so I am not sure where this concern of Glide being expensive is coming from–to repeat, your use still fits in a $25 plan.

You also should not have any updates if you haven’t shared your app yet, since we don’t count updates caused in the builder. Maybe you accumulated these updates before we made this change.

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I’ve been building it for the last three weeks or so and i have about ten days left for the monthly billing. It’s just been increasing since i started building the app. The 6 people i loaded myself but i really haven’t even started using the app. I’m pretty sure these updates were as a result of building and editing and adjusting the app. (when did you make the changes if i may ask?)

This specific app is a viral lead generation app that we expect will grow virally as we are aiming to reach many people in ongoing promotions. It would help if the Update caps were higher to cater for the initial growth OR if there were some kind of updates package where the more we buy the better the value?

The new business plan very recently used to offer 50000 updates now it’s been halved to 25000. Even if i used that package for just one app (as opposed to 5) i’m pretty sure we would use those updates in a day or less. (depends on what exactly triggers an update)

We wanted to keep each app to a limit of 10K users (so the app stays efficient) then move to the next app as we grow. We’re trying to cater for half a million users (the potential customer wants us to be ready for 10’s of millions in 90 days)

So the problem is i have no accurate way of calculating the viability of the project.

If my $25 app has used 2500 updates before launch and i’m only at 1% capacity then 100% capacity puts the cost per app at $2500 and still only gives me 250000 updates.

250000/10000 users equals 25 Updates per user per month (less than one per day)

I’m guesstimating an average of 10-30 Updates per user per day. That’s potentially more than $25K per app x 50 Apps = $1,25 Million and the potential client wants me to 20x my capacity.

A month or so back the calculations were easy, $32 per app x 50 apps = sorted!!

I would have happily paid $1000/mth per app to keep a clear conscience (you guys gotta earn too)

But now it’s somewhere in the millions of $ and that’s if we aim small. Another client wants the same type of app for his 60 international companies to use and it’s all looking like a pipe dream at these prices.

Just 5 Weeks ago i didn’t even know that updates were a factor to be concerned about at all!

Good to know that, unfortunately this app will need to connect to a sheet. But i have been trying to use only Glide Tables where possible. Glad that will help lower the updates. Thx.

This scale of usage falls under our custom Business pricing. Our Sales team will be happy to create a reasonable pre-paid plan to fit your needs.

Oh. Okay. Wow, that will be awesome.
I really like that word “reasonable”. Best word i’ve heard all day.
Okay i’ll contact the sales team on Monday.
Maybe they’ll also sell me some humble pie, i think i need to eat some of that right now.

“Indeed Glide has been pretty clear that their ideal paying customer is a company that needs to build mobile or web apps.”

I really like Glide yet I agree with @ToOFa_Apps - Glide’s mission statement does not align with ‘their ideal paying customer is a company that needs to build mobile or web apps’. See below.

I started out on the free plan and quickly burned through 500 rows. Moved to the pro Plan in Pages (which I was using to build a dashboard) and then moved to the App development. I had to move to the Pro plan again cause I am using the same data set (>2000 rows by this time). Last week I cloned my App to create a ‘test environment’ and the system prompted me to spend another 40 bucks.

Now I am moving to the $99/mo plan cause I need a dev/test/deploy and my small data set is still around >2000 rows. Under the previous plan each of these would cost $40/mo. For Dev. For Test. For Deploy.

Does Glide have a modeler to size applications or a tool that can be run to see how much $$ resources the app is using. I am sure that my app is very inefficient given that I create working rows for most EDIT/ADDs plus I update rows all the time for little things. Plus I am NOT a professional developer - I am one of the ‘billion new creators’

FYI…Glide’s Mission:
Glide’s mission is to put the power, beauty, and magic of software development into the hands of a billion new creators.

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