Number of updates per month, removed unlimited

My mobile app users upload about 10,000 photos a day, that’s 10,000 lines, not counting the lines created in other sheets. Glide is now offering a $250 a month update plan with 25,000 updates. I spend that limit in 2 days. I was also offered to buy 2,500 updates for $50. But then I would be paying about $30,000 a month to glide.
My question is.

  • recommend an app creation platform with more adequate terms on updates.
  • how do you cope with such a minimum number of updates in the plan, are you all satisfied with it?

Yes, these 10,000 or 25,000 lines are very annoying, glidea has become very dysfunctional with this new update, I finish 10,000 lines in 1 day

@ArshinSV Out of curiosity, can you tell us more about your app? With numbers like that, I think not only would you be exceeding your update limits, but you would also be exceeding your row limits and storage limits by quite a lot as well. I’m really curious to know more about your app and what it does to require such a high usage like that. Maybe we could make some suggestions for improvements.

Glide has mentioned before that a very very small number of users even get close to or exceed their update limit within a month. To do that in a day seems highly unusual. Updates cost Glide money as well, so an app with so many updates could actually cause Glide to lose money on that subscription.

Also, I think your math may be wrong. By my calculations, if you purchased 2500 additional updates for $50, that would be the equivalent of 10000 updates for $200. For 30 DAYS, that would come out to only $6000 per month instead of the $30000 that you mentioned. Maybe still not what you are hoping for, but just wanted to clarify.


I add 12,000 photos a day to the glide table
because there is a limit on the number of rows of 25000, I have to delete these rows every day. Total according to the mathematics of the glide each addition and deletion writes off 2 updates, right?
The total for the day is 24000.
24000*30=288000 per month

I paid the $40 PRO plan, for unlimited updates. Glide upped the price 200 times.

вс, 14 авг. 2022 г. в 09:11, Jeff Hager via Glide Community <>:

Still curious to know more about your app, but I understand if you don’t want to share.

That sounds like a very unique use case for a glide app and a quite a bit out of the scope of the service that glide provides. So basically you are using the glide app as a shell to aquire images, but the app isn’t used for anything else or used to display the images? Where do you ultimately store the images, because if there are no database rows containing the url for the image, then glide will eventually delete the image from their storage. I feel like with the old $40 plan, glide was probably losing money on your app, but I don’t know those real costs to glide to say for sure.


How does writing to or deleting from the glide table relate to Glide losing money? I don’t have synchronizations with Google tables, for example.
Isn’t that the glide database?

Glide purchases database storage from Google. Google charges Glide to use that storage, and Glide is also charged whenever data is updated in that database. Glide has bills to pay too that are based on updates.

A post from David to further back what I said

10,000 updates costs $200.
I have 560 000 updates to spare.
That’s writing 12,000 lines and deleting them the same day.

$11200 will cost me per month on the glide side.

10,000 updates costs $200.
I have 560000, if you do the math with a reserve.
That’s writing 12000 lines and deleting them on the same day.

$11200 will cost me per month on the glide side.

I agree that the glide should make a profit, but is the price for overwriting lines adequate?

Hello! Yes, it’s very interesting! How do you manage to upload 12,000 photos a day? And delete them?
Perhaps if you downloaded 12,000 at one time and deleted it also at one time. Then it would cost you only 2 updates. David has already written about this. But how do you manage to download so quickly and a lot?

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Like I said, I don’t know what Glide gets charged from Google to process all of those updates, and I don’t know what kind of profit margins glide is working with once all of their bills are paid. All I do know is that their costs rise when an app is used more heavily, and they are charged every time a row is added, edited, and deleted. Even if it’s just data that’s being overwritten every day, it’s still an actual update to the database.
When we are talking about half a million to a million updates to a database in a month, that gets to be quite the extreme. I think there are a very small number of teams that even exceed 25000 updates in an entire month, so your use case is quite a bit different from the normal Glide use case.

An app uploading 10k photos per day is an unusual case, and likely does not represent the business use of Glide. Our largest customers pay tens of thousands of dollars per year and do not use this volume per day.

Please work with our sales team, they will give you a deal that makes sense, if you are a business.

Although, $99/day for an app doing 10k photo uploads per day still sounds reasonable to me.


It sounds like you are using Glide as a middle-man to get the photos from the device to another database somewhere. Is that the case? If so, there are probably other ways to do it more efficiently.

I have an application (not in Glide) that has 100,000 records just in inventory, not to mention tracking things about the inventory movement. However, creating a Glide app or Glide pages that handles that database is something I am still working out and designing. One thing I am considering is using Glide as a host to submit queries to an engine that will return result sets. Those result sets would then be what the Glide App or Page is designed around. And those results are all that would be of interest to the user anyway. I am not really sure how much the syncing would cost in terms of numbers of syncs. Since it is a result set to an Excel Sheet, my hope is it would count as one sync; rather than a sync for each row. Perhaps that would be determined by how fast the result set is returned.

The way Glide makes it easy to design screens and processes means we’d love to be able to use it with everything. But for some things, it either doesn’t have the power or would be cost-prohibitive compared to another solution.

Here is a similar scenario – XML is a great tool, but it will never replace a full-fledged relational database.


It looks like I’m going to have the same issue, and the Glide price based on updates isn’t suitable for us. Take a look, Glide hasn’t advanced filters for search. We need to create user specific columns to allow users to filter and find items easily. As you can see, every time the user change value, Glide count an update.
Basically, a user can make more than 10 or 100 updates a day. Suppose we’ve thousands of visitors on a directory or listing app. Please really think about this, or provide us a good search filters without editing datas every time. Thanks for your efforts.