Exceeding Update limit

Hi Glide Team and community,

I have built a networking app which is somewhat similar to how tinder works for my business school. Each time a user swipes, Glide needs to update the “save swipe date” column which leads to a ton of updates each day considering I have 100+ users on the app. Is there any way I can minimize this or get a custom plan where I have a high update limit and a low row usage limit?


You can purchase additional updates through the Team folder’s Usage tab.

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Hi Jeff,

Yes i’m aware of that but this can get very expensive considering each user will swipe profiles of other users on the app.
Example -
total users: 100
Swipes per user: 99
Total swipes (updates): 99*100=9900
There are other updates as well. For example: users filling in their info etc.
So purchasing updates seems unsustainable if I want the app to scale to 400-500 users. :confused:

You’re probably right.
To be perfectly honest, Glide Apps really aren’t the best choice for this type of use case.
I hate to push people away from Glide, but in this case you might be better looking for an alternative.


Understood :confused:

Thanks @Darren_Murphy

I can make you an unlimited one :wink:

Hey @Uzo I’m a bit confused :sweat_smile:. Could you please give some more context? Would love to work out a way to make this work

it is a very complicated method, and won’t be cheap., but it will give you unlimited everything. You can play with my demo App… all data there are just samples, so feel free to mess with it.

@Uzo Understood, have sent you a message for the same.


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