📶 Powerful Glide Pages!

The Power of Pages by StructureArt DIGITAL


  • Unlimited rows, edits, and updates
  • Multiple Google Sheets integration
  • Unlimited public and private users
  • Super fast data exchange


  • Unlimited read-write database
  • Address Picker with autocomplete and location details
  • Custom email creator with attachments
  • PDF Invoice Creator with a real view of an 11x8 sheet
  • Custom Payment Integrations for Stripe and PayPal
  • Anonymous User’s recognition system

I won’t say anything more about this project… let the action speak for itself:


Ps… I wanna make it really clear… it is an External data source… do not confuse it with the actual data capacity of the Glide App or Page.


Hi, Uzo! Very good but can’t preview final invoice. Invoice too little compared to interface, may be some preview button before sending.

oh… I see it is the correct proportions on your computer! :grinning: Finally.
ok… I forgot to do custom scaling… ill do it now. Thank you for testing!
But I see the quality is not good… hmm something is wrong with your computer lol. it should be sharp!

I also see that all the browser text is bad quality, not just mine page. I think your graphics card is no good, or you are using big TV as your monitor.

ok… Zoom is working!

Hm, no! Previous screenshot from Lenovo Yoga book. All perfect on my display.

This from C455 All-in-One (Lenovo)

Also all os and browser are perfect on screen. May be Glide forum has compressed too much

ok… is the zoom good quality?

Zoom not working. Just do nothing

it works for me… try to refresh… maybe is not there yet

No, also not working in the chrome, in the new instance and refreshed

then I have no idea… works here on desktop and mobile, thank you again for testing!

Are you using some html generator and then place the code to template rich text elements?
Html content are fetched from json?

Generator??? I am a generator LOL
Yes is fetched from json, but I have a very special technique on how to make it stable and fast for big data… I was working on the codes for the past few weeks… and now is way faster than Glide synchronization to google sheets

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I mean some of your scripts had generate html code.
Yes it is very interesting how you are syncing user data to your script?
If no connected sheets, so may be trigg hook?

no, Glide webhook sucks… it fails many times, I only use fetch, Java and GAS… I write my HTML myself, not that hard, no need for a generator.

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How it uploads user data?

GAS is preparing and sorting data in Sheets, then Java is breaking down json in Glide

You mean you use custom java column to fetch Json from external source. Not use glide fetch column?

The Power of Pages
What? Uzo about the power of Pages?

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Hahaha… yes, i give my best to Pages… it looks like, pages are a little faster than apps, but OMG… way much work than Apps.

No… i use native fetching, and then native Java to break down fetched json

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