Updates limits

my app reads " This app has reached its updates limit " and I’m not sure why.
NONE OF MY LIMITS ARE HIT. And I haven’t even had a lot of updating my rows a lot besides building within the app to make sure everything is done correctly. Then it doesn’t show when it will reset either on my end. My total is 8XX/1000 for all my apps and 5XX for my main app.

So glideapps is counting for row updates now? For those like myself building an app, still learning functions and putting things together for a good app. I still do not know how relations work. Has extra limitations. The row limit is understandable. but now to count the updates saddens me.

We’ve counted updates on the free plan for 2 years—this is not new.

Our new free plan, updates for Glide Tables are unlimited. Make a new team to access it.

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