This app has reached its updates limit

When you log in to the application with a defined e-mail address, the following error message appears " THIS APP HAS REACHHED ITS UDAPTES LIMIT" I couldn’t find the solution for this error Can’t login to the application

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This means that you have used all your updates for this month.

You need to upgrade to the next Team plan.

Is the reason why the user is not logged in is related to the update?

There are 2 applications, there are 30 users in total, some of them can access the application, but some cannot.

So I assume that ones that have logged in already can still use it, but others who are not logged in for now can’t?


Can you share a screenshot of the usage limits for your team or app? Kind of hard to know what’s going on without more information.

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This is the photo of the usages, I don’t understand anything :frowning: glidea is very upset with the new plan, I think I will not use it anymore.

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That’s an extraordinarily large number of edits and syncs for an App that only has 15 rows and 15 users.

Do you have “Extra” Data Sync mode enabled?

If you do, that would account for about one quarter of the number of syncs shown.

Can you explain a bit more about your App?
What data source is it connected to?
What is the app used for?

Have you reached out to Glide Support to ask them to validate/explain your high numbers?


Yeah, I agree with @Darren_Murphy. That is an excessively high number of updates for such a small app. I would also be curious to learn more about your app. Maybe we could make some suggestions to improve it. Long story short, it costs Glide money every time an update needs to occur, so an app that uses a large number is updates may cost Glide more money than they make from a subscription for that app. For that reason, they try to guage how much value an app provides to the user, by measuring how many updates need to incur for an app to function.

One improvement I would do is switch exclusively to glide tables. This would eliminate all sync updates with an external database, which would cut your update count by more than half.


we have a small family workshop connected to the application excel and e sheet tables, the staff presses the button once for each control job
and there is a

column for each user, +1 number is added to that column

So that’s a row for each user? When each user performs a job (repair) it then increments the number in the appropriate job column in their row? So, if I’m understanding correctly, a user could potentially press a button hundreds of times a day, correct?

Just running some quick numbers, 15 users each pressing a button to increment a value 100 times a day would be 1500 updates…and, over the course of 30 DAYS, that would be 45000 updates. That is not including syncs to your excel sheet, which could potentially double the update count due to the syncing of that data to your excel sheet. In that case, you would be closer to 90k or 100k updates in a month. Does that sound accurate, as far as what’s happening now and how it works?

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We’ve reached out a few times to alert you about this. I am happy to have a call with you today to discuss Glide subscriptions that are more suited to your usage needs. Feel free to reply to my emails or DM me.

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Please DM me or reply to my emails so we can work out a reasonable solution for both of us.

Hola Santiago como estas tengo el mismo problema, tengo un plan starter cumplió el máximo de actualizaciones, sabes si compro otro plan starter puedo transferir las apps para poder tener nuevas actualizaciones?
Ya que ninguna de las apps funciona en este momento.
Estoy un poco preocupado gracias.

Hola @DillanMartinez,

Debes adquirir el Plan Pro que es el plan que le sigue al Starter.

Gracias por la rápida respuesta, te comento mi problema no sabia que existía el concepto actualizaciones cree una app en (forma de prueba), y se me llevo todas las actualizaciones, (ya la elimine) no necesito el plan pro ya que las aplicaciones no tienen tanto uso pero si necesito que funcionen ya que si paso al plan pro tendré que pagar 99 dólares todos los meses y las aplicaciones no usarían ese plan.

No creo que haya una solución rápida que no sea pasar al siguiente nivel, o que tengas que esperar a que se restablezca tu plan, que supongo que será a principios del mes que viene.

No estoy seguro de si se pueden comprar actualizaciones adicionales en este nivel. Quizás valga la pena hablar con @Sean_Martin para encontrar una solución.

Hello thanks for the help I already solved it, my applications work now I’m happy, I love glide