How to resolve update limit to 0

I created a team and when I tried the app, it says the app reached its update limit. Then I realized my updates is 0. How to resolve this?


I have also fallen prey to the issue of update usage preventing users (i.e. me) from using my app.


  1. I recently returned to building a new test app in Glide.

  2. Since I didn’t want to mix my new apps with my classic apps and free account, I created a new account using the same email address as I used with my previous classic apps / free account.

  3. I then created a new app

  4. Then I imported a Spreadsheet I had in Google into a Glide Table. It first I did not paid attention to the default setting of “keep the Table linked the Google Spreadsheet”. So, things might have been set up incorrectly.

  5. I examined the newly created Glide Table and verified that the data had been imported correctly.

  6. Then I noticed that the Google Spreadsheet was linked to the Glide Table and tried to correct my mistake by doing something (I don’t remember what) to unlink the two. I felt that I had corrected the problem.

  7. I then worked a lot populating the information managed by the app, and verified that everything was working as expected. It was.

  8. This morning when I tried to use the app, I got the infamous “updates exceeded, contact the developer message”.

One thing that I am wondering if the fact that under the same email address, I had a set of “teams” (all of my teams have only one member, me) some of which were legacy free accounts with classic apps and the one that had problems was a new free account with one Glide App, the problem app. I’m wondering if the problem is mixing Legacy App teams with (new) Glide App teams. Perhaps the accounting for the old legacy teams is polluting the new team’s Glide Apps usage.

Any ideas if I can correct this other than creating a new Glide account with a different email address?


– Harry

Are you familiar with the different thresholds of the different plans? Legacy Free and Free for instance don’t have the same thresholds.

You can have a look on Glide’s pricing pages:
Glide plans and pricing
Glide’s legacy plans and pricing

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Uggh, I wish Glide would just fix this bug because people keep running into issues if they have apps that involve google sheets in one way or another. The importing issue feels new, but if you say that it was still somehow linked to the actual google sheet, then that’s the problem.

First of all, the issue has nothing to do with your other teams. Teams are independent of each other. Independent billing and independent limits. The issue is that you have zero availabile updates on a free plan. Glide should not be allowing anything to accumulate updates in the first place, but the link to your Google sheet causes one single sync that puts you over your limit and immediately you are locked out. You should not have been allowed to get into this predicament in the first place. The fact that you could makes me feel that this is a bug.

First you need to make sure that none of the apps in your free team are linked to a Google sheet. Then your options are to wait a month for the update count to reset, or create another free team and transfer the app to that team. It’s dumb, but those are the only options until the issue gets fixed.



Thanks: Applying the information in your message I am now back, able to continue working on my app.

I think the problem was that I had one Classic app A in a Legacy Free account team that I transferred to a new Glide free account team. It turns out A had a link to a Google Sheet – which was OK in the Legacy free account, but not OK in the new Glide free account. So yesterday I created a new Glide app B in the Glide free account team which had no links to Google Sheets even though I had used a Google Sheet as the source for its Glide Tables. Everything still OK – until I made one test on app A which had linkage to the Google Sheet. That test had to update and BAM! the entire team was put into purgatory…

At least I think that is what happened. If that is correct, the fix is when transferring apps from a legacy team to a new Glide team linkages to Google Sheets need to be detected and at least a warning given…


– Harry