How do I have to do? when "This team has reached its updates limit. Please contact the app owner to resolve this issue"

I am free user and it poped up according to these pictures which I don’t know what I have to do to get these sentense “This team has reached its updates limit. Please contact the app owner to resolve this issue.” out.

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Did you connect a Google Sheet?

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It looks like you have 4 updates when you are not supposed to have any. Is this a legacy plan? Or do you have some kind of integration, column, or Google Sheets running updates? The way to get rid of this is probably just to wait out the month.

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Transfer to new team.

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Same problem discussed in this thread.


Yes I did.

I have the same problem. I transferred my app to new team. It worked for a few minutes, and now the problem is back.

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If you keep having the same problem with the free plan, and your app is using a google sheet, then you will have to get rid of the google sheet. Glide does not allow them on the free plan.

I’ve mentioned this before, but Glide really shouldn’t be allowing users to get into this predicament in the first place, or they shouldn’t be showing the warning on free plans, because updates shouldn’t have been counted in the first place.

If this keeps happening and you are on the free plan, the solution is to remove the google sheet.

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me too

I have done just as you’ve said. I deleted my Google Sheets from Glide and is now using just Glide Data, and yet I am still seeing the [“This team has reached its updates limit”] message. Attached is the picture of my data usage.

How can I resolve the please?

Create a new team, ensure that there are no Google Sheets connected anywhere, and move your App into that new team.


Thank you for the support, you’ve saved me from hours of un-needed work.
It worked.

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