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Hello hi. The nonprofit I work for needed an app for scheduling as our services are in different builds and I found glide. We needed something free not $100 a month. We just don’t have the budget for it. took a few weeks to learn as I tried using Google sheets and I’m completely IT illiterate. Google sheets was updating everything and this app was updated daily as it’s used for scheduling our services specifically showers and laundry for our homeless population. Unbeknownst to me, cause I didn’t read the fine print or research enough to know that updates from Google sheets are expensive. The updates got into the 4’000s in a couple days due to the way I built it, again, not really knowing what I’m doing… So the app is disabled and I didn’t get an email saying that I was reaching my limit. All the notifications I got was when we tried to open it Friday after serving, it said it’s reached it’s usage limit. So I did some more research, and built the app again using glide tables only. But I can’t use it either, usage limit has been reached. I tried contacting billing and sales to see what can be done Friday, and they didn’t help… Only email I got from them was there will be some kind of nonprofit tier in mid January and then silence. I really need it to work, or I need to find something else by tomorrow that does. Any help would be much appreciated

What usage limit did you reach?

Any chance you could alter the user experience of your app so as not to use up limits so quickly? (reduce th number of users, of rows, of files uploaded)

Updates are at 4,229/1000. Private user 1/3, public user 5/10, 84 rows. Most of the updates were sync related from the Google sheet, but now that I have an app that is glide tables exclusive, that would probably change. And I’m pretty sure that it’s updating the time, as I can’t get glide to update time in real time. If there was a way to do that, it would be helpful.

You can calculate current time in Glide with a math column. Create a new Math column, type ‘Now’ as the formula, and replace Now with the Now value.

The limits are per team, not per app, which is why creating a new app using Glide tables doesn’t reset your limits. You can create a new team and move the Glide tables app to the new team to start over.

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Super helpful, thank you!

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I appreciate the guidance! I’ll do that!

I don’t know if you would know this, but I have a question about filtering. I can open another thread if need be but this pertains to the solution you gave me. I have set times for appointments to end, I’m trying to filter the appt to not be displayed when it is after the end time. They are both on time and date settings for the column, but when i filter Current time is on or before end time, they are still showing.

Try ‘Is Before’. ‘On’ would only be true for a split second, so I think it’s geared more towards On or prior to the entire day instead of the time of day. Whereas ‘Is Before’ looks at time instead of just date.


that worked perfect, thank you so much for your help

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