How can one reduce usage

I’m wondering if anyone could offer some advice on how I can reduce my usage.
i got a message from glide saying ’ My team is approaching the limits of Glide’s Legacy Pro plan: private user 38/50’'. and lastly even when i try deleting some glide table and row, i notice the my glide usage row didn’t reduces despite the fact i deleted some table and row on my app.

please note i have like 5 duplicate of the app assigned unique to different organization… is it also best to unable glide usage limit once i run out of option, would enabling it make all function and update run smoothly?
Does anyone have any tips/advice?

What do you mean? 5 apps share the same tables? If you delete rows, then I would expect your row count to decrease. But maybe that is not the limit that is causing an issue. Would you have a screenshot of the usage section in your dashboard?

Could you send a screenshot of what you mean? If you mean enabling unlimited usage like in the screenshot below, I think it would allow you to scale your apps worry-free. But admittedly I’ve never tried this option in any of the teams I manage. I would imagine it does what it says: you wouldn’t receive notifications or be blocked by limits, and you’d be charged extra at the end of the month on a month by month basis should you go over.


the 5 app doesn’t share the same table

i am stuck adding device info on my app,
On Glide i use my phone to submit a two form, i notice it brought two different input on the device type, please note i only use one Phone to submit the form… also device name and brand didn’t bring any output

Attached is an image to help you understand better.
Perhaps do you know the devices that support device name