Glide App Usage Problems!

Hey everybody!

I’ve been using glide to build a social platform, and I’m running into some issues with the number of row updates.

Essentially, I paid for another month of usage and within 10 days it says I’ve used 10,000 rows.

I recently activated pay as you go, and it seems we’ve used 745 rows over one night.

I’m unsure if this number is accurate because we track our user activity on the app (using slack notifs and emails).

I can think of 2 reasons why this may have happened.

  1. We duplicated our app 2 times over the past month to make different variants (and usage got carried forward).

  2. We have multiple steps for one process i.e. adding a user to an invite list for an event could combine - set column A, add column A to column B, clear column A, add row to another table so we can send a notification through airtable.

It’s a bit frustrating because we can’t see the specifics of what is consuming our usage. This would help because we can know what to optimise in our processes to keep running our platform.

So now I have 4 questions:

What defines an update?

Is it possible to see what specific functions or tasks are consuming usage, or even just track usage over time either in a table or a graph?

Also, when a new app is created from an existing app, is all the duplicated data considered an update? This could explain we’re getting so many updates (But I feel like we should be told this will happen if this is the case).

Does update overflow from the previous billing period carry over?

I could go in and simplify all our processes (admittedly when I built it, I was not very efficient with row usage), but this would take time. I would really appreciate any feedback, answers, solutions because we’re not able to pay the enterprise subscription!

Thanks for the help

  • mo

I believe if you’re on the new plans, which it sounds like you are, all apps within the team contribute to the Updates limit. So if you have 1 app that uses 10k updates and add 2 more apps to the team, they should also show 10k updates have been used.

Not 100% sure if the built-in app filter/search uses Updates though.

I think there is a problem with glide, I been charged for 360$ for 20 Pro Annual Prepaid User (per user), so I thinking to remove my credit card from portal, I’m very worried about it.

did you find out a reason?


Yeah, we launched a new custom 1-1 messaging feature using a temp field in a row. The issue was we hadn’t used a form, but instead a user owned temp field because of styling.

This meant a single message was multiple row updates.

We had many users sending messages back and forth which consumed a large number of updates.

Unfortunately at the same time Glide mistakenly added 10,000 updates to our account (they fixed this later)