Glide's billing of updates is rather opac. How can we make the link between a billed update and an action on our app?

Hi all,

I’m having a very hard time to understand when Glide actually bills an update after an action on my app by a user.

I paid the price (60euros) for the maker plan but my updates are skyrocketing although there are no integrations running and no updates are made to my googlesheet. After 4 days i’m already at 390 updates… I paid special attention to design my app in a way that the fields are user specific and no updates need to be done to my backend (= googlesheet).

I need help understanding Glide’s count of updates based on my app’s usage. A pitty that Glide does not clarify the billing of its updates like for example MAKE, where you can clearly watch which the number of operations that ran and why it happened.

The only reason I can think of is because my table inside my data set is a google sheet but there are actually no updates made to my actual googlesheet…only computed or user specific collumns. Does it mean I have to rebuild a glide table from scratch with all the computed collumns ?? Pitty we cannot duplicate a googlesheet table to a glide table…

If anyone can help me…most probably a Glide expert that can access Glide’s billing structure…:pray: thanks a lot

Hey @Tom_Guis,

What’s your Team ID and App ID?

Your Team ID is in the URL of your Glide dashboard, e.g.

Your App ID is in the URL of the Glide builder, e.g.


Here is my team id: MEHwa0VAS4oV6pBY241X
Here is app id myID: jvRYjTpKtSFIUwaCcce0

I tried to create a glide table and run again my app but the updates still goes up…It’s difficult to understand why…

Thanks for your help.


But have you disconnected the Google Sheet? Do you have a lot of Glide actions tied to Google Sheets?

You should be able to see what type of action is causing the updates in your team’s usage section, for each app.

I see literally nothing… your view makes it a bit easier. But not as straight forward as in

Make yet.

(I’m on a Maker plan)…paying for a broken tool :frowning:

So what is the update type above Syncs?

I don’t know…I have no additional informations :frowning:

So your screenshot was as it’s shown on your device, and not because you’re blurring the text?


Can you clear your browser cache or try logging in the builder environment from another browser to see if it helps?

it helps but I still don’t have the same level of details as you do

Can you click on the app name under “Users”?

ah yes didn’t know that…it’s better now and the update count even decreased compared to previous layout…don’t know why

The previous layout counts all apps’ usage (but is it true you’re only having one app here?)

You should really look into your actions to see what’s editing the rows. That’s your top usage action.