500 updates in 24 hours

This prototype app has 1 user right now. I’ve added 1 entry to the database & changed a few in-app “settings” (profile columns) since paying $60. I’m using Google Sheets as my primary database. How do I not have my app *update" 500X per day?

Are you saying that in the Glide dashboard and in the usage metrics, it appears that your app incurred 500 updates within one day?

If you are noticing a lot of updates happening on your app even you only made few changes, then it could because of how your Google Sheet is setup. Are you using ArrayFormula, lookup/query or script functions in your sheets?

At 9:59 I got an email that said it had 375 updates after making 1 change. I hadn’t used the app in months before that. 10:15 this morning it had 450 updates. At 10:41 I got a 3rd email saying there had been 501 updates. I can’t afford to upgrade unfortunately.

Updates will be counted when you sync with a 3rd-party data source. If you move away from Google Sheets (for instance) to Glide Tables, you will not incur updates.

Maybe this issue is related to this :point_down:

Have a read at the updates page, it might help you identify what is generating so many updates in your app.

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Can you explain what you changed? It’s hard to tell what may be accumulating updates without knowing what your app does or what changes you made that may be causing updates.

I added GPS data & some notes to the spreadsheet; No image upload in this case; No calculations required

So the only thing you changed was to add a couple of columns? How is the user using the app? Are they doing something to cause the app to update data in the tables often?

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If your team has two apps connected to the same Sheet will both count syncs for that sheet. Do you have multiple apps connect to Google Sheets? Even if they are not published, they are syncing.

I suggest creating a new team!

ok Now what?

If it’s fixed for next month, that doesn’t fix this month.

Did I just waste $60?