This app has reached its usage limit

When I try to go into my app, I receive this message: “This app has reached its usage limit”; but I do not understand why, because I have only used less than 300 rows… Could anyone help me with this?
Thank you in advance!

Check your Usage Dashboard. You might have exceeded your Update or User quotas.

I don’t have any problems with users, because it is a public app, but in updates I have something weird… it shows 0/1000, but I have updated the app in this month…

Updates are counted when you add/edit/delete data. Making changes to your App doesn’t consume updates. See more here.

Anyway, I’m sorry - I don’t see any reason why you would be getting that error.

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Thank you for your help. Do you know if it is possible to contact with Glide team about this error message?

As it is Billing related, you can try opening a Billing Enquiry via the Support Page.


I have the same issue. Haven’t done anything with the app but now have this error of “This app has reached its rows limit” when I only have less than 370 rows.

Looks like this might be the culprit. Not sure how Glide thinks I have over 700 row when I have just 370 rows. Is there a way to correct this in Glide dashboard?

What type of backend do you use? Do you have tables that you deemed to be unused in your app?

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Its an Excel file of 373 rows with 3 columns consisting of date, texts, and url link (2 other columns are Favorites and Data Related options). I made a duplicate copy of the app with exact copy of the Excel sheet (see screenshots)…you can see the Excel copy file has much less rows but the original file that I copied from shows 709 rows according to the dashboard. If I go to the app itself on the Data page, this is what it showed (366 rows).

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Does the Excel sheet contain any empty rows or array formulas?

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Not that I’m aware of. Is there a way to check?

If there were array formulas, then presumably you would know about them.

To check for empty rows, just scroll to the bottom of the sheet. If there are empty rows, it is advisable to delete them.

Why would the Glide data page have a different count vs the dashboard count? And if there’s an array or formulas, I would assume that this Glide Data page would reflect that but it doesn’t.
glide data

Yes, that is odd.
Is there just a single table that appears in the Glide Data Editor?

Yes, just a single table in the Glide Data Editor. I also deleted empty rows from the table/sheet and refreshed the app but still getting the same error of “This app has reached its rows limit”.

Okay. If there is just a single table, and the row count shown in the Data Editor doesn’t match that shown on the Usage Dashboard, then I’m inclined to think that is a bug.

Tagging @NoCodeAndy - he might be able to bring this to the attention of Glide Engineering. Bear in mind the time of year, so don’t expect an instant response :wink:


Thanks Darren. Appreciate your help and connection to Glide. Have a wonderful New Year!

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Thanks for tagging me, @Darren_Murphy!

@Glyde123 - I’ve passed this thread along to the team. :+1:

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Hello! Could you DM me the email address you use for Glide? I can look into it further