This app has reached its rows limit - with 3142 rows only!

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:

  • There is message “This app has reached its rows limit”, and the app stopped two days allready. The Customer is going off(
    There are 3142 rows only.

It was 5200+ rows 2 days ago, but 24 hours ago i deleted extra rows in GS directly. And the biggest table is only 1900 rows now (24hrs ago was 4k+).
I made refresh data tens times, still not working!!
I checked all quantity of rows, and there are 3142 rows.
Why your billing stopped my customer wromg???

Expected behavior:

What does the usage for that app show for rows in the team dashboard?

Looks under 5k rows to me – I have alerted our support team.

Thank you!

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