App reaches its rows limit URGENTLY NEEDED HELP

I need my app to work today Urgently, I have a problem with my app’s row limit. This problem happened when my card got declined and I had to use a different payment method, but after I successfully paid my starter team, my app shows that it cannot access because the row limit has been used. After carefully counting each row, I have no more than 600 rows, in which I should have 4400 rows left on my starter team plan. Anyone, please help me. I needed it so badly to become active again today, and my life depends on it.

my team plan is Valisa’s Team
emails used to login:

I have sent an email to support team but no one replies back :frowning:

Are you using any array formulas in GSheet?

Glide counts all rows used in anyway by your app. It’s possible to have rows counted by mistake… it could be as simple as a frivolous action. In this case you can find the culprit by methodically using find all uses

If you can say for sure you didn’t change anything then that doesn’t sound right

If you go to your Glide Dashboard, it should show you how many Rows Glide is counting and your limit. Do you see around 600 rows / 5K? Or do you see 500 as limited on the Free plan?

For some reason, it can be accessed just now, probably due to a mistake in row counting, hope it won’t be acting weird after using it.

There was probably a delay from when you switched cards upgrading you from free to starter.

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