Question about Pricing, what are your update numbers looking like...?

Hello all,

I’m trying to make a decision on whether or not to use Glide for an internal tool.

I’ve been looking into glide for a while now and I was wondering what everyone’s ‘update’ numbers look like.

I made an estimation for how many updates I would need in a day,
for a lab equipment tracking/item usage app I’m looking to build,

the number looks around 35-42 updates a day per user .
(1. User scans the QR code saved on the equipment to use it.
2. Start time is saved in a new row.
3. User’s name is saved in the equipment’s row.
4. User unchecks the ‘equipment in use’ box when he/she is done
5. User adds a note for the condition of the equipment.
6. End time is saved via set column value.
7. User’s name is cleared from the equipment row.

That chain of actions is 7 updates, and if a user uses 5 equipment per day that becomes 35 updates / day.)

If I Go with a Pro license and have 50 users, that means I would require 52,500 updates per month.

From the current pricing, that’s $425 a month(!)

It seems the current Pro license as-is gives each private user 6 updates a day.
To me, glide seems un-usable? (am I thinking incorrectly, maybe I don’t understand the documentation?)

Also, do you know who is Glide’s target market is?

  • Marketing on the website, Stripe payment integration, no annual billed plans, and small Starter plans suggest its for public facing / small company which is why I was attracted.

  • But the pricing and replies from Glide employees in the forum suggests its for internal tools for enterprises. (HR… etc)

I’m confused about what kind of product Glide is and who it’s for.
I’m hoping the community can help me make a decision. I’m afraid to develop the app and have the costs largely increase because I didn’t understand the product from the start.

I was wondering if the community could help me with some numbers.
What do your updates look like per user? What kind of app is it?

Hoping for some advice!

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I think your calculation doesn’t quite add up:

  1. QR scan = 10
  2. Start time = 1
  3. User’s Name = 1
  4. Uncheck = 1
    5th grade = 1
  5. End time = 1
  6. Clearing = 1

= about 16 updates

  • without other display values ​​etc. 16 is the minimum number!

So per user: 5x16=90
50 users = 4500x20d=90,000

I use Glide almost exclusively to create applications for internal use. There is a customer who grants his approximately 50 customers a login to view documents and reports. Depending on the number of customers, glide may be the right choice - or the wrong choice.

Glide focuses on precisely this application and the pricing model has been developed accordingly.

Does that help you?


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Hi Chris,

Yes that helps - thank you!

I think in the example you mention,
I understand it’s purpose is for displaying information to a number of users. (Not too many updates, but number of users is important.)

It seems maybe Glide is best for those wanting a quick Dashboard for sharing information to the users in an organized manner. Like in intranet of sorts.
That makes more sense to me.

That helps with making a decision- thank you!

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