Glide or Appsheet

We are looking to upgrade to Glideapps from the excel sheet. We use the various checklist in excel to complete tasks. Each task has around 100 checklists. Each employee can complete two tasks each day. Since we have four employees, we complete around 800 checklists daily (approx 19,200 a month).

Looking at the glide’s pricing, it only provides 10,000 updates in the pro plan, which is not enough for our company. The business plan is too expensive for us. If you look at AppSheet, you only need to pay $5 for each user with unlimited updates.

Do you guys think for internal tools, when the sheets are updated frequently, Appsheet is better than Glideapps as it only costs $5 dollar per month per user? And, You can have up to 20 users if you pay $100 in AppSheet, which is the cost of the pro plan for Glideapps.

I feel Glideappsis is more economical if you don’t update the sheet that frequently, and most of the most user are viewers.

Not sure if I am not understanding the concept behind updates in Glideapps pricing. Please correct me if I am wrong. Looking for honest suggestions from the community.


That depends how you set it up.
If you do each task as a form - either an edit form or an add form - then only a single update is counted when the form is submitted. So instead of 100 updates for each task, it would only be one. And your monthly total would be less than 200 updates.

That said, I could imagine that a single form with 100 checkboxes might make for a cumbersome user experience, so you might want to break that up. It just depends what works best for your use case.

@Darren_Murphy Hi Dareen, Form will not work as sometimes we may not be able to complete tasks in one go. If we start the task the next day, we will have to redo the whole form again.

Not if you use an Edit Form.
Once again, it depends how you set it up.

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