Help for a noob - advice appreciated


I wonder if you guys could provide some advice regarding whether Glide is the correct platform for what I want to do?

  1. Create an app for iOS and Android app stores (not a web app) that is pay to download the app, but then no IAPs or any other payments afterwards (not for me to make a profit, more just to cover time costs and costs for access to the app stores/Glide plan etc)
  2. The app’s function is for doctors in training to be able to keep a record/log of the procedures/surgeries they are performing for their portfolios. There aren’t any good solutions to this at the moment (I’m a cardiac surgeon in training myself) and I’d like to offer a better way that currently which is people essentially keeping cumbersome spreadsheets, which are difficult to fill out when you’re rushing in between cases/surgeries etc. Essentially it’s an app that allows X number of data fields to be entered for each surgery/procedure and logged within the app, with the option to export the data collected as an excel spreadsheet so they can see how many cases they have performed cumulatively, what certain details of each case were, type of surgeries, dates, location etc.
  3. Ideally all the data that each user enters into the app will remain on their phone rather than be stored in the cloud somewhere, and when they press export, the app automatically creates an excel sheet of the data they’ve entered. To clarify, the data would only be stored on the phone/account of each individual user, not be a mix of every user’s data that uses the app.
  4. Once the app has been made and I’m happy with the layout/UI, I don’t really think I’d like to keep updating it very much as it should already do everything I need it to - do I need to keep paying for Glide premium as long as the app is on the app stores? Or do I just pay for the premium whilst I am designing the app and once it’s on the App Store/Play Store I can cancel my premium membership as long as no further development is required?
  5. To be able to do this without any code whatsoever
  6. If the above is all possible, which Glide tier/payment plan would I need to get? It’s possible each user might enter up to 1000 discrete entries (each with X number of different data points where X = 10-15 fields, including free text fields)

Any help is really much appreciated!
Kind regards

1 and 3 will be stumbling blocks. To clarify 1 best to confirm precise details with Glide CEO @david. Regarding 3 your data will be in the cloud. All else very feasible.

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Hey there!

  1. Publishing to the app stores should be possible… If you’re willing to pay 1000 dollars. :expressionless:
  2. Could you rephrase that question?
  3. Unless you do something with zapier, data will always be in the cloud.
  4. I’m not really sure about that. If your app is in the app store, then it will most likely still require a pro subscription.
  5. Yep!
  6. Probably the Business plan
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Hmm, will data in the cloud be on individual users’ GoogleDrive/Google Docs? Or all users’ data mixed together?

If you want a dedicated app then that is not Glide, even when you get it dedicated to my understanding it will still be a web app, just published. That’s currently $99 a month per app.

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All in a single Google Sheet or potentially Glide Sheet. A degree of segregation is possible however, via some of Glide’s newer security features.

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