Hello Guys! Can you give me some advice?

Hello guys,

My name is Tayab and I am a student from the Netherlands. I currently study web development. I always liked to code websites and nice sophisticated websites. I have looked around glide for now quite some time and it got me really interested. But it also raised me a lot of questions. Since I wanna start a company around making applications with glide for clients. I wanna ask the following.

  • What are the limitations with the amount of data an app can have? I’ve seen there are row limitations. Can that be a concern in the future if apps are tracking a lot of users that insert data in the apps I make?

  • I saw that there are glide pages and glide apps. But what is the function of glide apps if you can’t put them on the apple/google play store?

  • I saw that there is whitelabeling. How much does it cost to white label a project?

Next to that I wanna know what kind of apps I should make to broaden up my portfolio because I don’t have a single idea what to make really. I am now just following the tutorials at this point and I am getting the hang of it.

I hope you guys can help me awnser my questions ASAP

Kind Regards,


The thresholds you will see on Glide’s pricing page will give you a good idea of the technical limits for each plan. It’s up to you then to scope your project and evaluate if Glide will be the right tool for your project.

Both Glide Pages and Glide Apps will allow you to build progressive web apps: websites that have the look and feel, and in many respects behavior, of an app.

Many consumer-facing apps can be downloaded from app stores, but most software is not distributed through app stores. The web apps (app-like websites) Glide allows you to develop are not meant to be consumer-facing projects to be downloaded from an app store. Instead, the projects you build with Glide are meant to be internal work apps for businesses.

See Glide’s pricing page.

App ideas

Welcome to Glide, it’s nice to have you here.

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Thank you for your reply @nathanaelb

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A related question that arises often is how to monetize your projects. The post is 2 years old now, but some of the ideas are still relevant.

How to monetize your Glide project

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