Can a Marketplace App be Made on Glide

Hi, Can a Marketplace App be Made on Glide. I wonder the answer to this question. there will be buyers and sellers. Sellers will be able to set up their stores and add and sell the products they want. Is it possible to do this with Glide. Can users use mobile apps as websites I want both web and mobile I will be glad if you help.

This question gets asked all the time on this forum. Feel free to search the word market place to view those posts. In short answer, not really. You could certainly allow your users to create stores and list products, but glide does not have any built in functionality to allow those vendors to accept payments from buyers within the app. It would have to be craigslist style where users pay users outside of the app using whatever methods they wish.


Thanks for your comment. So can I add purchasing system with api vs tools. and can the application be used as web? can I publish the application in my own app store account?

Also questions that are asked quite frequently in the forum. Many have integrated various payment methods with moderate success. Usually by building dynamic url links to their payment processor of choice.

PWA apps are web apps, which are basically highly functioning websites. They are designed to be used as a website, or installed as a PWA.

Glide currently doesn’t have or support any native app store publishing. Your app is live as a website as soon as you hit the publish button. There are several posts about people using third party tools to wrap their web app in a container that can be published to an app store. I can’t vouch for their success rate.


The biggest limitation you will have is in regards to row quantities being maxed out at 25K. Some people have gone way beyond that but there is no published material directly from Glide that clarifies the impact or performance of the app beyond 25k. So maxing out your row count would be a huge limitation with your Marketplace app.

How? I couldn’t understand. Can’t I share the application in the app store?

Glide apps are primarily Progressive Web Apps (PWA). It’s a type of website that can be installed as an app without having to go to an app store to download. You just open the url and it prompts you to install as an app. When “installed”, underneath it’s still running on top of the browser core. There are many third party services that can wrap your app url into a native app file that can be submitted to Google and Apple stores. That functionality is not currently provided natively by Glide.


I do not fully understand what is my limit you mentioned, my English is not very good, the application has a user login limit. Doesn’t this upgrade option exist?

The upgrade option gives you a max of 25k rows. However, I’m not sure what happens when you go beyond that. The upgrade option does not give you unlimited rows.

I got it, but I want to install an app store, can you tell me a third party app I can do this.
and I wonder how it looks?

Regarding the 25k row limit.

There is plenty of discussion about submitting to the app stores. Just do a search for ‘App Store’ in the forum. I have never done it, so I don’t have any recommendations. Again, I don’t know how successful it’s been for people and if every glide feature still works when you do that.

I got it now, thank you

Microsoft allows you to turn a site into a PWA at no cost to you. Your Glide app is pretty much a PWA, just go to

Put in your apps weblink or site that your hosting it from, run the check and proceed.