Can I publish my Glide apps to the App Store and Google Play?

Hi guys, do you planned something in the roadmap to allow us, in an easy way I mean, publishing our beautiful glide’s apps :wink: in the stores? I just launched my glide app and send my first mkt communication. I have noticed that users struggling a beat with the install process and they often looking in the stores and feel annoyed by not finding the app.

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Hey @PlanetZero - we don’t offer that functionality. In the future, we hope to have our own Glide Apps store. For now, we just have the Pro feature which allows you to remove Glide branding and add your own custom domain.

In future Pro plans will have many more amazing features.


Tks! And FYI it’s a kind of feature that will make me turn my account into a pro plan for sure! :wink:


Do I get the full code after building the app with Glide, and then, can I deploy it myself wherever I want? Or do I need to pay more then the pro plan to deploy it?

If you’re interested in publishing your app to App Stores, please complete this form to help us prioritize.

There’s no way to export your Glide app as code, internally Glide apps do not work this way.

Would you consider a payment plan for publishing?

We would love to offer one, it’s just a matter of priority and technical hurdles.

Is there another way to publish to Apple without the large upfront investment? :flushed::face_with_monocle::nerd_face:

I already have an Apple Developer subscription, can my glide app be published under that instead of paying another $99 via glide for essentially the same thing?

We don’t currently offer publishing to the App Store, at any price. It’s not available, although we’re considering how we will offer it.