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Hi guys,
I’m trying to publish my Glide app on App Store. I first converted it (with Kodular or something similar, I forgot…). And then I submitted it on App Store Connectn after creating an account (cost 99 euros).

I’m asked to enter Assistance URL : Could someone tell me what is it about ?
Also : Confidentiality Engagement … ???

Please, someone could help me ?

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Hey !

Based on Glide position not to offer any ability to upload apps to the stores, no support will be given to users trying to do so using third-party sources.

Do we really need to push the apps to appstore/playstore - cant opening app in a browser and adding it to home screen make it work like an app?

What additional features or options we get by pushing it to store? ( Question from a total Noob around this concept ).


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@Shiv As you mentioned, apps work just fine by visiting the url and installing from there. I believe that anybody that has used various third parties to submit their app to app stores is mostly just wrapping their web app with a shell program that has a web view to the web app. Some other third parties may offer some extras, like full notification support, but for the most part, you are still accessing the app via a url through the web. The shell program is mostly a stripped down browser.

In my opinion, web apps (PWA’s) are easier and I’m personally more likely to check out and use a web app compared to an app store app from an unknown publisher. I think most app store apps are successful because of brand name and brand trust. However, with a web app, you are simply visiting a web page and still protected behind the browser. That’s only my opinion. I know some people prefer the app store due to familiarity, accessibility, discovery, and it appears more professional. There’s really no difference in how a Glide app functions, whether you installed it via a url or downloaded it from an app store. I just think user adoption is going to be easier when it’s a web link, because it’s less of a barrier.


Push notifications… you name it

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My personal opinion is user behavior/user experience. If this is what our target user is accustomed to doing, then ideally we should go with the flow and support it. Starting a business is hard enough so the less we have to train our users for new behaviors the better IMO. I’ll give another example that’s maybe relevant. I personally do not like hashtags. I think Twitter and Instagram are big time sucks of time and energy. BUUT as many of my target users are younger Gen Z/millennials, this is what billion dollar corporations have trained them to be accustomed to so I’m also trying to see how to have that functionality with another service I’m working on. Anyways, just my two cents.

There’s a cheap (maybe even free course?) UX/UI course that Google is teaching via Coursera. I highly recommend it. The underlying philosophy is very cool. You want to make things easy and obvious for your users. I think in in many use cases, having an app on app store doesn’t matter but in many others, it helps. It’s almost the same thing with a suit and business card. Those things don’t really matter but for an initial first impression, if you’re applying for a job, it can’t hurt (I acknowledge this would be different for Silicon Valley tech where sneakers and jeans are more acceptable but you get the point)

My initial questions were :

  • What is an Assistance URL ?
  • What is a Confidentially Engagement ?

I didn’t ask : can you judge and comment my choices ?

Thank you.


I know there’s a handful people that have published apps or attempted to so maybe somebody else has some input, but I don’t think many have done it here. I haven’t myself, so I can’t provide much help. I’m also not able to find much in the forum regarding those specific questions. You may have to turn to google to find some answers…or directly ask google or apple (depending on which app store you are targeting) or a forum that specializes in app store publishing.


You may want to watch the interview I did with David Seigel, Glide’s CEO, to understand their reasoning for not supporting native apps → STOP trying to build the next TikTok! - Interview with David Siegel, CEO of Glide


Answer to that specific question :
Based on Glide position not to offer any ability to upload apps to the stores, no support will be given to users trying to do so using third-party sources.

Also answer on that particular question/statement :
Based on Glide position not to offer any ability to upload apps to the stores, no support will be given to users trying to do so using third-party sources.


Sorry @Iossif_Paroutis I was replying to @Shiv and didn’t specifically tag him.

Not sure if this helps

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Any updates on this thread? I’d like to publish my Glide PWA to an app store for discoverability. I don’t really care about anything else other than obtaining more app users. Any tips? Videos? Tutorials?

Glide has stopped supporting this for a while. You would have to find a third party option to do this. One option is

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Hi @Adriane_Marie :wave:t2:

Glide doesn’t support publishing to app stores anymore.

You can use to do so. Search the forum for “nativator” for examples.


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Has anyone successfully converted their app onto the app store?

You can have a read here.


No, I tried the Naviator app and it was very fast. Problem is all the apps I tried are all huge on the screen. It’s like it amplified everything. Weird

I get that the CEO isn’t wanting Glide to build mega selling apps, but I have a great niche app that I want to see and @Jeff_Hager has seen my other posts and I agree that I can sell users access to my app, but I think it would be best to sell in an App Store if possible.