Glide App is Published in the App Store! glide app on google and apple app store

After some search on google, I find a great company to publish my glide app on the app store. it’s very awesome to release the glide app on both app stores. it’s very important for me because my users need the apps on both app stores. I didn’t find any way to do it. but the this company help me to successfully publish my glide app on the app store.

after I knock them then they will show me a lot of published glide app links on the app store. I was surprised! finally, I trust them and I am able to successfully published my glide app on both app stores.

I don’t need to do anything. just give them my information and they take care of all of the things. if you guys need to publish your glide app on app store then you can hit here:

it’s really awesome. now I have a lot of organic users after 5 months.


Why would you need to publish to either store? I thought if you want to sell your glide app, you do that in the glideapp template store. Am I wrong?

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Mainly for exposure, then get organic users like Port said, I assume. In the early days of Glide a lot of people in this forum tried to go that way but I felt like the number dropped off in the last year.


in app store you can get lot of organic users man. also there have good chance to make my app viral!

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Wow $320 dollars for both stores. Good deal!

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Yes, It’s really good deal. I don’t need to do any single of things. they take care all of things until the apps is live on google play and apple app store.

Does someone have a link to an example of a glide app now on the apple App Store?

here you can get published apps link.

It’s my pleasure to working with Nokib03. In my glideapps has some of critical functionality. He make sure until all of functional working good my glide app to android and iOS apps.

After publishing my apps in google and apple App Store I get some subscription and the real users that I find lot of. Nokib03 help me to grow my business by published my glideapps in android and iOS App Store.

I don’t make an mistake to trust

I also worked with Nokib. I don’t know how he manages to be always available, but he is!

Great quality of work publishing my app to both App Store and Play Store in record time.