Publish the app on play store

Hi everyone. I created an app like instergram and I want to publish it in the play store. So how can I do that?

JUST published mine using

Thanks @Amal . I chatted with them. And they said how to do that. I thought glide apps can’t publish on play store and app store. Because glide apps are superb. But now I can. I’m very happy. Thanks a lot.

let me know if you need any help SL <3

hi i was looking for the same thing can i find more info on the link
Because i couldn’t find any steps or something…

Publishing to the app stores is no longer supported by Glide, but if you search the forum there are quite a few discussions on how to achieve this successfully.

i looked a beat in some other discussions but i came to the conclusion that you cant upload the app to the play or the app store, have i understand correct? or i have to look more into it?

actually from what i understand its not a strait forward solution so for someone to decide, he should know the ups and the downs, for example if its ‘safe’ to use such a way to upload an app in the stores…
i will try to learn more but if you have any important point please let me know

Chat with them or look the documentation

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Also, each coder can decide what to build with Glide, but really, Glide is meant to build what Glide calls apps for work, and not consumer apps.

Consumer apps are what you will typically might find in app stores, and apps for work are what companies build internally for specific use cases pertaining to their business (their users might be existing customers, employees, partners, etc.).


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