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Hey guys,

Do you know if it’s possible to publish on the app & play store on glide?

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I recently saw a Glide user on YouTube demoing a progressive web app → app-wrapper called Nativator (

Not sure how legit it is and the subscription-based pricing for it feels a bit forced. Maybe there are some other services like it out there, though.

Glide does not officially support publishing to App Store & Play Store.

Unfortunately, Glide apps are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) only, and publishing to the App Store or Google Play is not supported.

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There goes the neighborhood…

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Hi Scott, yes I saw this too! The only thing that stopped me was Nativator seems to have an average rating of 3 stars across google.

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A follow up for you @Rebecca_Jacob : For the Play store, I found another resource straight from Google about how to do this yourself without needing a middleperson.

For iOS it looks like there are a few GitHub repos floating around about this: GitHub - khmyznikov/ios-pwa-wrap: Makes possible of publishing PWA to Apple Store like TWA from Google.

It seems like Apple frowns on wrapping PWAs as apps (not to say you can’t do it and get away with it): Publish your PWA to the iOS App Store | Hacker News

I have seen many people in this forum talking about their app being taken down from the store after a while after they used that method.