A general doubt about publication

Hi all
I have a doubt
Can we get the apk of a glide app, which we use to publish the app in the play store?
Thanks in advance

No, not natively.

Glide Apps are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). They are not intended to be distributed via the App/Play stores. While there are third parties that offer this service, the practice is neither supported or endorsed by Glide.


But not many people in Tamil Nadu,India know about glide… So I thought it would be better to publish it in the play store

@david sir, you got any info?


Hey ,

You can use social media to share the links or image click to go to your app,that’s the way you can move.

Who is now search the play store and download,not effective

Do it effectively by posting the links or image links to download the app,effective than put it in play store.

Who knows what’s in the play store.nobody cares.

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Thank you bro

I actually didn’t think of this in all the hustle

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