Publish glide app as android/ios app

So, I’ve done to work on my glide app… and now I wish to share it with the world.
What’s the best way to do so, if I want to do it as an app?
Any ideas?
**Hopefully publish it on google play and AppStore…

Answer A: There are services you might be able to use to wrap your Glide app so it can be submitted to the app stores. This has been discussed in the forum, you can find both the names of services and people who might be able to help you with this.

Answer B: Your Glide app is a progressive web app (PWA), a website that in many ways acts and feels like a native app, but it is not a native app. So it might not belong in an app store. Since accessing a PWA happens via a link, to distribute the PWA you might want to do marketing just like you would for any other website: word of mouth thanks to branding efforts, SEO, SEA, social media, CRM marketing (email), internal distribution if your app is an internal work app, offline marketing, etc.


Thank you for your help.
A) can you recommend on one of those services?
B) I’m looking for the best way to help my users to save the app on their homescreen.
I know that it’s not a native app, but still want to create a link from the home screen to the app (hopefully automatically, after signing up)

Give them the link to this video:

I can’t send it to 100-1000 private users…

Why not?


because it’s not so intuitive for most users.
That’s why I’m looking for a better way to let people “download” the app from my website.

Are you referring to the video, or the method of installation?

If you have suggestions for improving the video, I expect @JackVaughan would be all ears.

I don’t think we (or Glide) can do much about how a PWA is installed, as that’s dictated by the device manufacturers.